Thieves Steal Empty ATM from Casino Calgary

Thieves Steal Empty ATM from Casino Calgary

29 Jan 2015 | 10:56 Author: King, George

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, two thieves smashed through the glass doors of the Casino Calgary and made off with one of the casinos ATM’s in a daring smash and grab robbery. But, the two culprits are in for a nasty surprise when they realize the ATM they stole is empty.

Security personnel at the Casino Calgary notified the Calgary police at about 06:00 to report, what was initially thought to be an armed robbery, but later turned out to a simple smash and grab. Upon hearing about the possible armed robbery, the police department summoned armed officers, which resulted in a heavy police presence at the casino.

After realizing the robbers had already left and that they did not come into contact with the staff, the police made a startling discovery, “There’s no money in the machine,” said Staff Sargent, Travis Baker of the Calgary Police Department. “If they haven’t gotten into it yet, I’m sure they’re fairly disappointed right now.”

Security footage obtained from the casino shows the two culprits loading the ATM onto a trolley before making their way outside. At one point, whilst pulling the ATM-laden trolley toward the exit, the machine fell on one of the robbers. Police have said the two suspects then loaded the machine into a waiting vehicle, thought to be a silver minivan.

While the robbery appeared to be well-thought out, the suspects couldn’t have known that the ATM was in the process of being moved to a different section of the casino, was out of order and therefore contained no cash. After the police arrived, the casino was evacuated and searched, before being allowed to reopen, which it did at 11:00 the same morning.

Vince Pao, spokesperson for Pure Canadian Gaming, the company that operates the Casino Calgary, said there were about eight to twelve members of the casino staff in the building including security officers and cleaning staff during the time of the robbery but that no one had any contact with the culprits and nobody was injured.

Pao also said that Pure Canadian Gaming is co-operating with the police during their investigation and will be reviewing the casino security procedures.

Pao has said that the company is not concerned about similar incidents occurring at their other properties and believes the robbery was a “very isolated incident.”

The police have not been able to identify the offenders yet and they still remain at large.

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