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The Mermaids are Coming: Predicting the Next Big Tween Franchise

In a few short weeks it will all be over.

Tears will flow over posters and pillowcases. Meetings will be held in church basements.

Online message boards will be flooded with survivors who just need to express their feelings.

The final Twilight movie, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, is set to premier on November 15.

And that day, and the days following, will bring joy to the multitude of fans that worship at the altar of these angst-ridden, film vampires.

Then What?

But then what? It’ll all be over. Anticipation will be gone.

After saturation there will satisfaction and then sadness.

Though the movie isn’t out yet, the press tour has been ongoing. Basically it’s been ongoing since the first film premiered in 2008.

It’s been a neverending parade of these familiar young faces. A cultural phenomenon even to those who have never seen a moment of these films.

This year the vamps and wolves and vamp-lovers have appeared on awards shows, comic-cons, daytime talk shows and magazine covers.

Whether they’re technically promoting TBWP2 or not, they are always promoting it. It’s a juggernaut.

It’s unavoidable promotion any time they set foot in a public sphere.

But one day, comic-cons will be the only place to find these stars together again. Fans will line-up to watch them and remember the old days.

Mermaids are Next, Obv.

There’s got to be a new movie franchise in town. There always is.

We’ve survived Harry Potter’s end and surely there will be another kid-lit/tween/teen phenomenon to fill the void.

There was Star Wars, there was Lord of the Rings. There will be something else.

Hunger Games still has a few tricks up its sleeve, though it doesn’t have quite the same fandom as Twilight - the kind that obsesses, the kind that feels their lives are ruined by the real lives of the actors.

With only three books, and all of them already published, Suzanne Collins’ world is pretty much established. And that train has already left the station. It’s not new.

But now is the time to speculate, one of our favourite Popped activities, on what could be the next big thing.

1. Mermaids

With so many other supernatural elements already popular, it’s only a matter of time before mermaids are given their due.

They’re beautiful, exotic and can have a whole lot of adventures anywhere the ocean can take them.

There are romances and action and casting a series of nubile young actors to sway and swim in very little clothing is always a great way to begin a Hollywood movie franchise.

Elizabeth Fama’s Monstrous Beauty was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux just this past September and it could be the mermaid tale to make its way to the big screen.

A seventeen year old meets a mysterious stranger and traces her family history -- a history that may involve mermaids!

Though there’s only one book in the series so far, this story has legs. Ahem.

2.Reinvented Classics & Fairy Tales

Last year ABC’s Once Upon a Time premiered to hot, hot ratings and it’s continued to be a winner for the alphabet network.

Other stations are taking that trend and running with it.

There are no less than three current Alice in Wonderland reboots in the works, for both film and television.

She’ll be modern and sexy. No word on what will become of the Chesire Cat.

A new series of young adult books, the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, is also out featuring characters loosely based on fairy tale heroines, all set in futuristic times.

Current titles include, Cinder (Cinderella, now a mechanic), Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood) and future titles to feature Rapunzel and Snow White.

Appearances by all these famous ladies will surely turn this into something more than a mere fairy tale.

3. Animals

Animals are always popular but this could really be their time to shine.

With CGI making animals come to life with fur so real you could touch it and teeth so sharp you jolt, there’s no doubt the next big stars will be our furry friends.

The Warriors series is a sure bet for the slightly younger novel readers.

It’s about clans of warrior cats who fight in the forests. It’s many books long and intense.

It’s not quite as popular with the teen readers, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fly.

With the right amount of special effects and storytelling, these fluffy, fierce felines could take on Hunger Games for adventure and poignancy.

And who doesn’t love a little kitty?

4. Star Wars

Yes. It was something that’s come and gone.

But now that Disney has bought LucasFilms, Star Wars Episode 7 will be set loose on the world.

It’s a safe bet that this, no matter how great or terrible it turns out to be, will be huge.

The biggest thing. Maybe even bigger than Twilight.

Because the biggest trend is always a comeback.

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