The Hottest Action in Atlantic City Moved From Boardwalk to Boardroom

The Hottest Action in Atlantic City Moved From Boardwalk to Boardroom

27 Nov 2014 | 10:24 Author: King, George

For many years, anybody looking for a little action, only had to wander down Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk and choose from any one of the many casinos that have turned the once quiet seaside town into one of the biggest gambling centers in the world. Now though, with the demise of the aforementioned casinos, the hottest action to be found is in the boardroom where companies and individuals alike are fighting over the remains of the once bustling casinos.

Atlantic City’s recent troubles have been well documented and it seems not a day goes by where a judge is being called in to mediate hearings between individuals, casinos and company’s alike.

The many battles are also having an effect on the rejuvenation of the city and despite the best efforts from the State to jump start Atlantic City’s revival, the corporations, casinos and potential investors are harming the work being done by the state and chasing people away by the thousands.

Picketing on the Boardwalk

One of the biggest eyesores in recent memory is the picketing outside the Taj Mahal by the members of the Unite HERE union who were protesting the cancellation of their benefits. They marched the entire length of the boardwalk, ending up outside the Tropicana, which is owned by Carl Icahn, the man responsible for the entire debacle. Many casino goers had to avoid the marching crowd, some even having to cross the street to do so. If you’re on your way to a casino to enjoy a few quiet hands of Blackjack, you don’t want to be confronted by the sight of angry employees. No wonder so many people are turning to out-of-state casinos. This is just one of many fights that has resulted in extended court battles and loss of income for the employees and casino alike.

Taj Mahal Protest

Over Zealous Security

Another massive problem that’s doing a lot to harm AC’s image is the reaction casino security to any problems that may occur on the casino floor or in one of the many bars and nightclubs. Granted, there may be a few over eager youths out there that may over-indulge on occasion, but manhandling a young woman, forcibly removing her from the casino and allowing her to be assaulted by a police officer in a back room is nothing short of scandalous. Not to mention the reaction the Golden Nugget staff had to the group of Baccarat players who won over a million due to the many, highly trained casino employees being unable to catch that the cards being used at the table were not shuffled. Instead of doing their job, they decided to restrain players by force, conduct illegal searches of rooms and attempt to confiscate winnings. Those actions have resulted in yet another well documented court case that’s also doing a lot to harm Atlantic City’s image.

Harrah's Assault

Company Vs Company

Four casinos have closed this year already, with the fifth set to shutter in the middle of December. As bad as the closures are for the city, it’s nowhere near as bad as the battles raging in both the boardrooms of the company’s and the court rooms of the state. It’s become so bad that Atlantic City’s credit rating has been downgraded and the closure of so many casinos, as well as the many tax appeals lodged by the various company’s, means that New Jersey is having to repay casinos with borrowed money.

Closed Showboat Casino

Bad Losers

In the instance of the Revel Casino, which went bankrupt and was closed earlier this year, the casino sale was subject to bids from two potential investors. The loser in the bidding war, a Florida property developer by the name of Glenn Straub, took to the court rooms to appeal the sale of the Revel after he lost the bidding war to a Canadian firm. Since he appealed the sale, it was unable to go through and instead of allowing the casino to be sold, revamped and reopened by the new owners, he has stalled it. Granted, the new owners cancelled their purchase on unrelated grounds, but the unnecessary hassle caused by the court case means a potential boost for Atlantic City did not see fruition because one party was a bad loser. Another example of outside influences ruining the image of Atlantic City.

Closed Revel Casino

A Sad Day For All

The future of Atlantic City is far from certain, despite the best efforts from New Jersey Governor Chris Christies and Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian to save it. It seems every thing that could go wrong for the city, is going wrong. If it’s ever going to be saved, the people directly involved in it’s future are going to have to come together and sort the problems out as one, instead of always trying to one up each other, recover lost money and start completely unnecessary fights just to save face. At the end of the day, it won’t be the corporations and casinos that suffer the most, it’ll be the workers and AC locals. 8000 people have lost their jobs this year alone and countless boardwalk stores have had to close because people are choosing to visit other casinos, ones far, far away from Atlantic City.

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