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Roulette 3D

A Straight, a Split, a Street, a Corner, a Double Street, Odds, Evens; you name it, you can bet it with Roulette 3D, a classic online Roulette game brought to you in HTML 5 format for your convenience of playing while on the go, at the office or within the comfort of your own home. Anytime, anywhere, if you fancy a quick flutter and a spin of the wheel, Roulette 3D is definitely one to look out for. And it supports the latest mobile technologies, Operating Systems and browsers too, so you won’t have any trouble gaining access.

General game info

Roulette 3D is a straight up, online Roulette game with no superfluities, ideal for tyros and experts alike. The game’s predominant features include the player’s liberty to place bets as he or she sees fit, and the real life impression that the game offers the user. A virtual croupier helps the player keep tabs of what’s going on throughout the game and some handy graphics spell out the outcome of the last twelve spins of the Roulette wheel, thereby helping the player take note of past results and make the desired odds calculations. The table is in full view at all times and very well laid out, leaving nothing to the player’s imagination and spelling the game out to the most novice greenhorn. A minimum bet of $0.01 means that the player may indulge in a bet without risking life and limb, but the more daring among you won’t be disappointed either; Roulette 3D allows you to wager up to $100 a spin!  

Sights and sounds

Not only does Roulette 3D allow you to play a classic Roulette game with no snags while on the go, it also looks great! The lush green felt and clear yellow strips make the table look exquisite, while the spinning Roulette wheel - in rich gold with the standard red and black flushing – completes the beautiful table to offer the player a real Roulette experience. The game was tried and tested on several platforms and looks gorgeous every time. The graphics are crystal clear and the additional design touches, such as the deep red carpet and leather stools, provide an excellent finish to the game’s overall image. The sounds are true to the general feel provided by the game. The lack of a constant background adds to the sense of authenticity provided by the game’s appearance and the sound effects accompanying the animation do much of the same. We cannot protest as far as the sights and sounds are concerned.

How to play Roulette 3D

You don’t have to be a hardened veteran to play Roulette 3D. Simply scatter the available chips (0.1, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100) onto the designated sections on the table as you see fit to place your bet for the next spin. Pre-set buttons also enable you to place established call bets, such as Voisins du Zero, Tier, Orphelins, Neighbors and Finals Bets, using the chip amount you select prior to pressing any of the designated buttons. Once you’ve finished placing your chips, simply hit the ‘spin’ button to spin the Roulette wheel and see where the ball stops. No sweat whatsoever! Should you make a mistake while placing a bet, a clear bets button allows you to correct your error and start placing chips afresh.

Conclusive remarks

Roulette 3D has everything going for it; it’s easy to play, suitable to both experts and beginners, allows all of the betting freedom a player could wish for, looks and sounds great, works like a charm and is available for play on the latest mobile devices, whether smartphone or tablet. It’s an overall top notch Roulette experience. 

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