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The Popped blog is pop culture, popped. And locked a bit. Popped and locked. Like that white kid at the end of Footloose breakdancing. It's also like the smart writing of The Hairpin, the sharp, snarky, cleverness of Dlisted and the trend analysis of Vulture. But with more purple around it.

Three Celebrity Break-Ups That Really Meant Something

2013-10-11 00:16:00 By: DDB

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner are separated. This is the biggest news to come out of the Kardashian garbage heap in weeks. Or at least since Kanye got in one of his Twitter fights. Nothing says I’m trying to save my failing reality show like a juicy break up. And since her daughter Khloe wasn’t d... Read Full Post

Julianne Moore is Perfection

2013-10-10 01:31:00 By: DDB

Usually when I post these "Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame" photos it’s to mock the entire ceremony of the presentation. And to point out how awkward and ridiculous stars look when they’re splayed out near the ground -- the dirty, L.A. ground to be exact. I mean, no one ever looks cool while ... Read Full Post

Secrets of Reverse Aging Part 2: Charlize Theron

2013-10-08 20:17:00 By: DDB

In the second instalment of an ongoing series, here is Charlize Theron. Oh Charlize! She is a vision of loveliness. The hair sheen on short hair is often not given the right amount of respect, but hers is mega glossy. Along with the glow of her skin and general youthfulness, she basically looks like... Read Full Post

Let's Be Skeptical of this Jim Carrey Kids Book Situation

2013-10-07 23:08:00 By: DDB

Stars! They are barely like us at all. They can just call up their agent and be like, “hey, I wrote a book/I want to write a book/I would like to pay someone else to write a book, and then put my name on it” and boom! They have a book out in the world that will sell way more copies than a book n... Read Full Post

A One-Act Play from Paris Fashion Week Starring Katy, Karl and Rita

2013-10-07 19:31:00 By: DDB

A realistic Paris fashion-show scene. People mill about in either very boring or very outrageous clothes. The lighting is very flattering. No one has eaten for several days. We focus on a trio of important people. They are speaking at highly different volumes. Katy Perry: (Shouting). This is fun. Is... Read Full Post

Justin Bieber, Tiny Boy King

2013-10-04 22:46:00 By: DDB

Oh, Justin. He's always getting up to things. He is just full of piss and vinegar. Or snails and puppy dog tails. Or whatever else little boys are made of. And sometimes he is just too tiny, or weak or scared to get up to things. Or to get up things. Like here. Justin Bieber is lucky enough to be in... Read Full Post

The Best Moments From Cher’s Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'

2013-10-03 16:50:00 By: DDB

Cher’s got a new album. Brand new. Even though she’s gone on "farewell" tours, you can’t keep this woman off a stage or out of a recording studio equipped with Auto-Tune. Cher is also really into social media promotion. Her Twitter is a treasure trove of brilliant and often wild proclamations.... Read Full Post

Mark Darcy is Dead and We Can Smell the Boycotts Already

2013-10-03 00:18:00 By: DDB

Everyone’s favorite diarist is coming back into our lives. But is that a good thing? Bridget Jones’ Diary, book and movie, were both delightful. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was a mediocre book that was made into a fairly hideous movie. And now Helen Fielding has created another instalment ... Read Full Post

Secrets of Reverse Aging Part 1: Goldie Hawn

2013-10-02 00:45:00 By: DDB

In a new segment I’d like to call Secrets of Reverse Aging we’re going to look at celebrities who’ve been privy to some very special secrets in order to look like a finely preserved jar of peaches. Because not everyone can look this good. Not even with money. Not even with enough money to affo... Read Full Post

Breaking Bad Was Not My Friend

2013-09-30 20:10:00 By: DDB

I watched the series finale of Breaking Bad, titled “Felina,” with one of the worst headaches of my life. Tired, worn and a little jittery I had to prop myself on a stack of pillows just to be comfortable enough to watch one of the most uncomfortable television programs in existence. I sat throu... Read Full Post

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