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The Popped blog is pop culture, popped. And locked a bit. Popped and locked. Like that white kid at the end of Footloose breakdancing. It's also like the smart writing of The Hairpin, the sharp, snarky, cleverness of Dlisted and the trend analysis of Vulture. But with more purple around it.

Movie Trailer Review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

2013-11-04 17:17:00 By: DDB

WHAT? Really? Is this a thing? But. No. But. I just. Ok. This is a movie. I will review the trailer like I always do. Here goes: Cartoon dog, I mean, Mr. Peabody addresses the audience! He tried to hypnotize us! Sherman has a super cute kid voice! Adults have drinks that I am jealous of! OH MY GOD! ... Read Full Post

Chaka Khan is Majestic and Sparkly and Wonderful

2013-11-01 22:15:00 By: DDB

Do you ever worry that as you get older life will become more difficult? That your body will fail you in ways you can’t even imagine? That every time you get up in the morning your flesh will play tricks on you? That every trip to the bathroom is either a futile attempt to grasp at youth through m... Read Full Post

Let's Play a Round of Celebrity Costume or No Costume

2013-11-01 21:44:00 By: DDB

Halloween. It’s the time of year when even people who aren’t actors get to dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone else. Which is fair, because sometimes being yourself can be super hard and really upsetting. Isn’t it nice to know that we can throw on a costume and feel like a brand new... Read Full Post

This Photo of Ringo Starr and an Adorable Moppet is Almost Too Much

2013-10-31 15:45:00 By: DDB

This is the cheer-up post because there has been so much darkness. These black times need to end, or at least take a break. So, here’s a human Muppet, a.k.a. Ringo Starr, with a human moppet. Look at Ringo give the peace sign. It’s perfectly adorable. Look at that shiny-haired child and her perf... Read Full Post

Lou Reed Never Rolled Over

2013-10-30 18:43:00 By: DDB

Soooooo it turns out this is a week of death. Lou Reed was huge. He was a genius. He made wonderful music, and sometimes not as wonderful music, but he didn’t roll over. He gave it his all. His death on Sunday of complications from a liver transplant was sad and fairly unexpected and bone, heart a... Read Full Post

Four Brilliant Comedic Actresses Gone Too Soon

2013-10-30 16:31:00 By: DDB

Sure to be overshadowed by another death this past weekend (RIP Lou Reed, a music world badass and we’ll get to that loss in another post) I wanted to pay tribute to a badass lady in her own right, Marcia Wallace. Much like the loss of the beloved James Gandolfini, the recent loss of Marcia Wallac... Read Full Post

Lupita Nyong'o Will Dominate Our Eyeballs and It Will Be Great

2013-10-28 23:06:00 By: DDB

Do you know who Lupita Nyong'o is? If you don’t, you will. Because she is going to blow your mind with her style and her skills and in general you are going to fall in love with her. Every red carpet appearance will dazzle. She is luminous on screen and off. She is talented. She’s appearing in t... Read Full Post

Kanye is a Kanye is a Kanye is a Kanye

2013-10-25 23:28:00 By: DDB

The never-ending elaborate dramatic romance of Kanye and Kim has reached a new level of opulence. Oh Kanye, he can’t be kept down. He kicked off his tour in Seattle on Saturday, cancelled his tour date in Vancouver on Sunday night and by Monday evening had pulled off a Keeping up with the Kardashi... Read Full Post

Jenna Jameson vs Katie Price: Who Sells a Ghost-Written Book Better?

2013-10-24 22:30:00 By: DDB

This week sees two of the most famous boobs set their new tomes out into the waiting arms of their fans. Two methods were demonstrated. One by best-selling author and former porn star, Jenna Jameson. The other by best-selling author, equestrian clothing designer, glamor model and reality show star, ... Read Full Post

What's Better for Cross-Fit than a Skin-Tight Leather Suit and Heels?

2013-10-23 23:19:00 By: DDB

Some occasions beg the question, what to wear? Unusual social engagements or formal affairs can create difficult wardrobe issues. Red carpet events and openings can present the same troubles. For example, what to wear to the opening of a new gym in your chain of gyms -- a chain of gyms named after o... Read Full Post

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