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The Popped blog is pop culture, popped. And locked a bit. Popped and locked. Like that white kid at the end of Footloose breakdancing. It's also like the smart writing of The Hairpin, the sharp, snarky, cleverness of Dlisted and the trend analysis of Vulture. But with more purple around it.

This Month in Lingerie (aka the Underwear in Winter Revolution)

2013-11-26 22:46:00 By: DDB

November in the northern hemisphere is usually cold. It’s the end of fall, the fall into winter. Finding outerwear that’s suitable and not completely unpleasant to look at is often impossible. Or at the very least is unpleasant. But cover up in layer upon layer we must, for the sake of our very ... Read Full Post

Oh, Kids Born of Famous and Talented People

2013-11-22 01:12:00 By: DDB

Oh, kids born of famous and talented people. What a difficult and strange life you lead. There you are in the spotlight, chased by photographers and asked questions by second-rate media outlets. And yet, also, it's a wondrous life. If you choose to make it so. If you take advantage of the opportuni... Read Full Post

Aronofsky Begets Crowe Begets BIG MOVIE Disaster

2013-11-20 23:40:00 By: DDB

When you imagine a very religious man who builds an ark you imagine Russell Crowe, right? Me too! Just kidding. I don’t picture Russell Crowe, ever, in any movie. Even movies he's already been in. He’s just not that kind of guy for me. But lo, this film begets Crowe as Noah. I don’t think that... Read Full Post

Karina Smirnoff Squats Over a Dog (plus 3 More Celeb-Dog Christmas Miracles)

2013-11-19 22:29:00 By: DDB

Picture this: A Christmas in November Tale Beverly Hills, California, on a sunny November day. Celebrities gather at the Beverly Center. It’s better for photographs if they’re all together. They descend on the mall with the greatest of ease. As though they don’t shop in exclusive boutiques. Or... Read Full Post

Movie Trailer Review: Maleficent

2013-11-19 16:17:00 By: DDB

Angelina Jolie reanimated (yeah, I know you see what I did there) Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent in a feature-length, live-action movie. Now the scary evil witch who turned into a super creepy dragon gets to tell her own story. And Elle Fanning shows up to be the beauty. But what is this really goin... Read Full Post

The Hairs on Jennifer Lawrence's Head Are Shorter Than Before

2013-11-15 16:49:00 By: DDB

There is a tradition among women in the public eye, a tradition to make a surprising change in their looks. Often this takes the form of hair being dyed a different color. Switching by extremes, going from blonde to black. Or black to blonde. Or honey to red. But also hair can be feathered and perme... Read Full Post

What Did Matthew Morrison Do for Men This Year? Nothing Good

2013-11-14 18:25:00 By: DDB

GQ has a thing called Men of the Year. It’s a total magazine thing to get people excited about men. Hardly anyone is ever excited about them, so at the end of the year, GQ amps up their dude appreciation by throwing love at a select group of men. And guess what? They throw a big party to celebrate... Read Full Post

Why Was Bill Cosby Not Being Invited to Any Events?

2013-11-13 20:05:00 By: DDB

Bill Cosby is alive and well and attending events. Doesn’t it seem like he’s been out of the public eye for so long? Looking at him here in his flashy, vibrant red shirt and, of course, a giant sweater, creates so many relevant questions: How could we all just up and forget about Bill Cosby? W... Read Full Post

This Week in Celebrity Skin Peek-a-Boos

2013-11-12 17:57:00 By: DDB

Winter is creeping in. The free-wheeling ways of summer are gone and the slapdash days of autumn are dwindling. Getting dressed becomes more purposeful. The layers you put on your back are important for warmth, a patchwork of coziness to piece together sanity instead of freezing like Jack Nicholson ... Read Full Post

You Know What's Not Boring? Ciara's Formal Loincloth

2013-11-11 21:53:00 By: DDB

So, the Pretend Award nominations were announced last week. You know, the awards that are decided (maybe) by "the people" -- otherwise known as the People’s Choice Awards. Nothing says boring like the PCA. Every year that boring old truck ambles onto our tv screens and we yawn and feel weird becau... Read Full Post


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