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The Popped blog is pop culture, popped. And locked a bit. Popped and locked. Like that white kid at the end of Footloose breakdancing. It's also like the smart writing of The Hairpin, the sharp, snarky, cleverness of Dlisted and the trend analysis of Vulture. But with more purple around it.

Top 3 Movie Sub-Genres That Need to Be Retired

2013-12-20 22:25:00 By: DDB

Sometimes a "year in review" piece highlights the actual highlights. But sometimes there are other areas that need highlighting. For example, things that aren’t working so well. Things that probably need to stop happening. Certain types of movies just need to be retired. Kaput. The end. And yeah, ... Read Full Post

Guess Which Backstreet Boy Has the Biggest Toy

2013-12-18 17:10:00 By: DDB

Their year of awkward poses continues as the Backstreet Boys clamor to show us which of them has the biggest toy.  Since they’re all phallic toys it’s really important. I mean, except for Nick Carter’s. He’s clutching that vaginal toy like it’s going to grow legs and run away from him. Wh... Read Full Post

May I Present Flea in a Subversive but Still Festive Sweater

2013-12-17 23:42:00 By: DDB

May I present Flea in a sweater? And not just any sweater. A very, very, very festive sweater. It’s red and it’s adorned with snowflakes and a cheering child. A child cheering for jolly old St. Nick and all the cheer and gifts that come with his appearance in the dead of night. Also appearing in... Read Full Post

The Top 5 Celebrity Stunts of 2013

2013-12-16 19:59:00 By: DDB

Is there anything more worthy of celebration than the stunts celebrities set up to get us to pay attention to them and whatever it is they’re trying to convince us to spend our money on? Maybe, but that’s not what we’re going to be talking about here. Nope. It’s time to get another list in t... Read Full Post

Mumford and Sons Have Ruined Suspenders for Larry King

2013-12-13 20:38:00 By: DDB

Larry King is apparently the coolest guy around. You can tell because he’s hanging out with young people and wearing a leather jacket and cool sneakers and the right kind of jeans with the right wash and a baseball hat instead of a pair of suspenders. Larry King is over suspenders, guys! The whole... Read Full Post

Are We Missing Something (Possibly Phallic) at the American Country Awards?

2013-12-13 20:31:00 By: DDB

You know. I sometimes think I know everything in this world of awards and glamour. But I have blind spots like anyone else. And a huge blank area in my brain belongs to country music. I just don’t know enough about it. Should I learn more? I don’t have that answer. I do know that the American Co... Read Full Post

Top Five Celebrity Outfits of the Year

2013-12-12 21:04:00 By: DDB

This is truly the most exciting list of all lists. In fact, it’s so clearly the favorite that it makes me want to make a list of the best lists just so I can put this list at the top of that list. But since list fatigue is a serious problem during the month of December I won’t get any more meta ... Read Full Post

Weird Love! It's the Gift That Keeps On Giving

2013-12-11 19:02:00 By: DDB

Finally, weird movies are getting their due. It feels like big money-making blockbusters and genre movies are taking up too much of the calendar year nowadays. It used to be just summer, and then the really fancy ones would come out at Christmas. But now it’s a year-long cavalcade of explosions an... Read Full Post

Demi Lovato's New Hair Would Save Christmas

2013-12-11 18:55:00 By: DDB

Demi Lovato looks great. She looks jubilant and she’s wearing plaid and sequins and red lipstick. Oh yeah, and her life-giving purple-blue hair. I don’t want to go back in time to when she was suffering from eating disorders and substance abuse issues. Because that was not a good time. But now, ... Read Full Post

Top 4 Celebrity Wax Figures of 2013

2013-12-11 00:09:00 By: DDB

Good old list season. It’s here. It’s all lists, all the time. Get used to it. But who’s to say that lists have to be boring? No one, that’s who. The beauty of a list is that it can give us a taste of what is out there. It’s not a catch all. It’s a run down of the best that’s happened ... Read Full Post

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