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Pleasing Us For Years: Top 5 Celebrity Silver Foxes


Young, virile Hollywood bucks get so much attention in the tabloids, on blogs and on the walls of girls.

But sometimes we must look to the elder statesmen of leading actors for our lustful inspiration.

These are the men who have done all of the groundwork for today's celebrity eye candy.

They age like fine wine. Growing bolder, more nuanced and more delicious as time goes by.

Yes, it’s wonderful to see the gorgeous young men of Hollywood out and about.

But let’s also give thanks for those men who’ve been pleasing us for years -- the silver foxes of the silver screen.

1. Pierce Brosnan

How does this man continue to look so gorgeous?

In my youth I lusted after Brosnan on the wonderful, hilarious Remington Steele.

It was such a fun show. His turn as James Bond solidified his sexiness, and as he’s gotten older and left 007 behind he seems to have only become more fetching.

At 59 he’s got a rugged edge that most 20 year olds wish they had.

After years of being the leading-man hero, he transitioned into some bad guy roles and it gave him a handsome intensity.

Look at that lush salt and pepper hair and knowing twinkle.

He’s a complicated man -- not a one-dimensional boy.

2. Ted Danson

Star of TV and films, Ted Danson has been around for a long time.

Tall and thin, at 64, he looks no less like a leading man than ever. And thick-rimmed glasses these days add a cultured, artiness to his appearance.

He looks like he knows what’s cool, despite our cultural predisposition that only youngsters are hip. 

He also looks like he doesn’t care if other people care. It’s refreshing and oh so attractive.

On top of that he's an ocean conservation activist.

Whale and dolphin and ocean life lover! Swoon.

He played a ladies man on Cheers, and returned to type on HBO’s Bored to Death, delivering a nuanced and hilarious performance.

Wearing immaculate suits with ease and confidence, Danson is a dashing and fun silver fox.

3. Alan Rickman

His slick charm only increases with each passing year.

Instead of turning to villain roles as he aged, Rickman made his name early on as a villain, starting in Die Hard as one of the best baddies of all time.

He’s 66 years old and still relevant as ever.

Weaving between child-friendly fare like the Harry Potter franchise, popping up in the occasional Tim Burton fantasy and taking on indie dramas and comedies he’s a beautiful chameleon whose look appeals to a variety of roles.

He’s got a spark in his smile and a wink in his eye and of course, his silver hair is perfection.

This is how you identify a fox -- by the sheen in that silvery coat.

4. John Slattery

The young buck of the bunch at only 50, Slattery has let his silver coif be his signature for much of his career.

It’s served him well.

With sitcom guest appearances on Sex and the City and Will and Grace in the 90s he was always a rakish charmer with a joke and a light touch with the ladies.

Taking on directing duties, as well as his stellar performance as Roger Sterling on Mad Men, Slattery has graduated into the upper echelon of skilled foxes.

He’s accomplished, not some wayward punk.

His well-styled hair and blue-grey eyes are a fine match on a very fine man.

5. Richard Gere

He’s still playing leading men into his 60s. At 63 he’s fit, vibrant and perfectly suited to playing almost any role.

His early work was always steeped in sex and it’s hard not to see why.

Dashing hair and welcoming smile, he appeared to be undressing women with just a look in almost every film. He could sidle up next to a shrub and it would blush.

That luscious, long hair makes him look like a sexy professor. Wise, worldly and willing to discuss the crisis in the Middle East, fine wines, or the New York Times Bestseller List.

Wire-framed glasses are an elegant, intellectual touch.

Don’t you just want to snuggle up with Gere in a leather couch and talk philosophy?

And like any good silver fox, the man looks debonair and handsome in a suit.

Gotta know how to wear a suit.


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