Parlay Entertainment Software Review


Parlay Entertainment prides itself on Parlay5 -- its software that has been used primarily to power online bingo sites all over the Internet. Sites looking to provide 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and other bingo variations have been turning to Parlay Entertainment for years.
Currently, Parlay Entertainment has been offering a full suite of games. Online casinos looking to provide a slate of casino favorites to their customers can look to Parlay Entertainment for their software needs.

Lobby Layout

Parlay Entertainment’s skins showcase both the online site that uses the software and the games it offers. It does this with a large, colorfully open display that prides itself on aesthetics, with simple buttons to get you to your favorite games. The display is typically fun and inviting and gets players excited about getting into their games, be they slots, bingo or table games.

Sound and Graphics

Parlay Entertainment’s casino games are probably designed for people coming from bingo. They have clear, straightforward, no-nonsense graphics and sound properties.

The graphics are highly accessible; meaning everyone coming to the site will know what to do. However, they aren’t breaking any doors down with respect to realism.

Part of this comes from the fact that Parlay Entertainment games generally function with a no download Flash format. Players can get into the games easily and without disrupting their own systems. However, the graphics and smoothness of game play is not as high quality as is possible with a full download.

Casino Game Variety

If bingo is your thing, Parlay Entertainment is your company They provide the 5x5 bingo popular in America, as well as the European 3x9 bingo tickets and a few other bingo variations.

There is a nice assortment of video slots in the mix, as well as some casino favorites, among them craps, blackjack and roulette, both the single zero and double zero variations. If traditional roulette is not sufficient, Parlay Entertainment also offers some fun and exciting roulette variations.

Golden Clover and Lucky Star function as typical roulette games, but with different wheel shapes and different winning numbers and symbols. Double barrel is a twist on roulette in which two balls are put into play and two numbers or symbols generated on every turn. Parlay Entertainment works hard to provide something for every online game player.

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