Online Gaming Changes in Italy and Spain

Online Gaming Changes in Italy and Spain

23 Jul 2011 | 20:45 Author: Seth Shafer

Online gaming regulations are changing in Italy and Spain, potentially impacting both casino an poker players in those countries.

Spain has released a working draft of its plan to begin regulating online gambling, following the lead of France and Italy.

All three countries have moved to involve the government more directly in regulating online gaming, looking to collect and keep more tax revenues in their respective countries.

Spain's new regulations including requiring online casino and poker sites to operate through .es sites and to initially segregate Spanish players.

Once accomplished international players will be allowed to play on Spanish gaming sites but only after being approved by the government (a process Spanish players must go through as well).

Individuals will be monitored to ensure they don't lose excessive amounts at Slots and other games and gambling site operators will be taxed 20% on their gross profits.

Italy has finally allowed poker cash games to be offered on sites that currently have an Italian gaming license, a move that came nearly three years after sites were allowed to offer poker tournaments to Italian players.

Italy has also announced a new tax collection initiative called "All In" that's targeting online poker players that the government believes hasn't paid all the tax due on income from sponsorship deals and payments from televised poker shows. 

The Italian government believes that up to 4,000 players may owe past taxes on up to $100 million in unreported income.

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