New Jersey Senator To Introduce New Sports Betting Bill

12 Sep 2014 | 07:21 Author: King, George

New Jersey state Senator, Ray Lesniak, has made plans to introduce a new sports betting bill next week that he says will “explicitly abolish” any legislative language that will prevent Atlantic City casinos, as well as the states many racetracks, from offering sports betting to its patrons.

Sen, Lesniak has long been a firm supporter in the fight to legalize sports betting within the state as well as a supporter of the return of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, even going so far as to draft a bill that will allow the accepting of sports wagers in New Jersey. However, that bill was vetoed by Governor Christies who has now done a complete 360 and has decriminalized sports betting within the state and given leave for casinos and racetracks to begin accepting wagers as soon as they have the necessary infrastructure to do so.

Speaking at a press conference after the first bill was drafted, he said: “Right now, book your hotel room [in Atlantic City] for the Super Bowl next year and the NCAA Final Four, because you won’t be able to get one” Lesniak boldly declared, “We are going to have sports betting in New Jersey next year. Go to the bank on it, because if the [Supreme Court] takes the case, it will be overturned”. A prophecy where, as far as the legalization of sports betting is concerned, has come true.

If this appeared as a bold statement then, it seems to be one that has paid off very nicely for the Senator who has finally got his wish. The directive which was issued by the state Attorney General argued that the original legislation vetoed by Gov. Christies, had effectively repealed state prohibitions against any sports betting, as long as any activity took place in one of the state’s casinos or racetracks.

The sports betting bill drafted by Lesniak, although yet to be seen, will “shore up” New Jersey’s case by effectively eliminating any lingering legislative text that prohibits any activity that involves sports betting at approved faciites such as casinos and racetracks.  The bill authored by Lesniak has been written to “specifically abolish language on the books that prevents sports betting”.

The bill will also give Attorney General John Hoffman’s motion “more authority and will help it withstand any challenges” by the Department of Justice or any of the professional sporting leagues, professional or college, that are vehemently opposed to the legalization of sports betting. However, Sen. Lesniak believes he has bipartisan support and firmly believes Governor Christie will sign it this time round.

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