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Live Dealers in Online Casinos

Online casinos have always tried to recreate the live casino experience from real brick-and-mortar casinos.

One of the newest ways to enhance the experience of playing casino games online is by using live dealers.

These are the best live-dealer casinos online:

Best Live Dealer Casinos

Casino Bonus Review
1. Silver Oak Casino Silver Oak Casino $11100 Review
2. Planet 7 Casino Planet 7 Casino

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How Does Live Casino Dealing Work?

Live dealing is an innovative way to offer online players a realistic experience in games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

You will find the largest share of player traffic at the live blackjack tables. However, live roulette's populatity is growing rapidly right now. Baccarat is not as popular, but live tables are still offered to please a larger crowd. In cases when nobody is seated at the baccarat table, just take a seat and a live dealer will join the game shortly.

Examples of what live blackjack and live roulette might look like (Screen shots from William Hill Casino):



Why Online Casinos Use Live Dealers?

When you play casino games online, the reules are the same as in a brick-and-mortar casino.

To replicate the card shuffling made by the dealers in live casinos, online sites have used the random number generators to distribute the cards to the players. 

Up until now.

With live dealers shuffling the cards or managing the roulette wheel in real-time, online casinos is now one step closer to the real deal.

Many players who are used to live casino environments sometimes find it difficult to make the transition to online gaming. Live dealing brings these players one step closer to the real experience of playing in a casino.

Advantages of Online Casinos with Live Dealers

It can be difficult for some players to pay close attention to online games since a "computer" is handling the cards and the spinning of the wheels.

Also, the stakes of a game can feel unreal when you sit by yourself in front of a computer, and since you do not have any contact with other people, it's often difficult to relate to what is happening in the game.

When you use an online casino with live dealing, though, you get to watch the dealer pass out cards to each player.

Furthermore, most online casinos that use live dealing also allow players to chat with each other around the table so they have a more accurate reproduction of playing at a casino in real life.

Real Dealers at Online Casinos

Live dealing attracts some online gamers because they feel it is more trustworthy.

It can be difficult to believe that a computer program will create randomized cards without benefiting particular players (Remember that the casinos we promote here all are tested for fair payouts.)

Some people worry it could be too easy for a talented hacker to break into the system and alter the program so they would have an advantage over other players.

This is not possible with live dealers. Casinos use real decks of cards instead of number generating programs.

Live dealer casinos available

Live-dealer casino play is really catching on by the online casino community.

Casinos not adapting to the latest technology may very well have to see themselves surpassed by the competition within the next couple of years.

And as the Internet technology progresses, the live dealer casino games will continue to improve as well.

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