Will You Win the Lion's Share Jackpot?

Will You Win the Lion's Share Jackpot?

09 Feb 2014 | 09:54 Author: Seth Shafer

Tucked away in the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas is a slot machine with a jackpot worth millions that hasn't been hit in nearly twenty years.

Slot machines have evolved dramatically in Las Vegas over the years, with clanging payouts and buckets full of nickels and quarters replaced with cashless one-arm bandits that have interactive video bonus rounds and assorted other bells and whistles.

One slot machine hasn't changed in nearly twenty years, however, with just a single Lion's Share slot machine at MGM Grand surviving over the years. The solitary survivor is a $1 three-reel slot that has one of the highest occupancy rates of the 1,900 slots at MGM Grand, with players chasing an elusive $2.3 million jackpot for three lions that has never been hit.

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The Lion's Share machine has developed a cult following, with many sharing their experiences with the machine on Facebook and other gambling forums. Many players are forced to wait hours to get their turn on the machine, as slots etiquette requires anyone wanting to play to wait patiently until the current player is done

A recent Wall Street Journal article spoke to several Lion's Share fans, including some who would insist on only hitting the spin button with their feet as well as other bizarre rituals:

"I'm not normally like this, but with this machine, I talk to it. Whenever a lion comes up, I rub it. I know it's strange, but the machine has this juju about it," said Siubhan Pabst of San Jose, California.

Part of the allure is the fact that the $2.3 million jackpot (which continues to climb) has never been hit, leading some to bet that it's due to pay off and that odds are slightly better for players than on other machines where jackpots have been hit more recently.

Several players have also claimed that their VIP hosts at MGM Grand have hinted that the player who finally does win the Lion's Share jackpot will not only collect millions but that they'll also get to take the ancient machine home with them.

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