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Free video poker: a safe bet for the less experienced or novice gambler? You may be inclined to think so, as the casino game poker is a game of skill that has long since been associated with vendettas, danger and very large sums of money. From Casino Royale to Oceans 11, Casino to Card Stud and many more, the stakes have always been high with the loser at risk of losing more than just his chips. However, with Jacks or Better,’s free video poker game you can play video poker online for free! For the video poker newbies, this is a perfect way to hone your skills at video poker, before placing real money bets on the table. Here we take a closer looks at this game on the block.

Free mobile video poker game

Jacks or Better is your chance to play free video poker online on not just a desktop or laptop but on mobile. This HTML5 casino game on is optimised for mobile making it possible to play video poker for free whenever you’re free. Also, since this game involves playing with virtual chips/money instead of real money you can enjoy the gaming experience and master it without having to worry about making mistakes (which are inevitable when you’re learning any new skill) and the monetary ramifications.

Try it out for free and then once you’re confidante and adventurous enough to put real money on the table make your way to an online casino with real money paybacks.

Video poker gaming skills

Videopoker is a game of skill, unlike a slot machine game which is a game of luck. This fundamental difference between the two casino games stems from the fact that in video poker it is your skill in playing the cards you’ve been dealt that determines the outcome of the game while in slot machines there is no particular way to spin to raise the winning odds.

Video poker jackpot and risk

Also, when it comes to winning, you can make an estimate of the jackpot by looking at the payback percentage on game’s paytable. With slot machines however, there is no way of gauging what the booty is as the percentage the slot machine is set to pay back to the public is never known. You never know what percentage a slot machine is set to pay back to the public but you can calculate the pay back percentage of video poker by looking at its pay table. Once you’re playing with real money on one of the many online casinos out there you’re still playing a lower risk version of poker.

Unlike in 5 card poker where you have an opponent to beat, in video poker you don’t so you can’t lose more than your initial bet. If you already know how to play five card poker you’ve got a head start because the rules of the game are the same, aside from the fact that bluffing and raising is not permitted and you’re not playing against other players. You only place a single bet at the beginning and if you can’t get a hand with a pair of jacks or better it’s the house that wins.

Playing video poker

Jacks or Better is available in 7 languages making playing video poker both accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience. Playing video poker in a language you don’t speak or understand might make it difficult to master the game or at the very least enjoy it. As this is a casino game based on skill you need to be able to understand how it works in order to play it well and develop your skills.

When it comes to actually playing video poker, your goal is to have a hand with a pair of jacks or better. Once you are dealt five cards facedown by the dealer, the next step is to place your bet. This is done by depositing 1-5 points. The betting cannot begin until at least one player has a pair of jacks or better. Your goal is to make the best possible poker hand from the cards you have. You can then choose which cards you’d like to keep and which you’d like to get rid of in lieu of new cards. This will be your final hand. If no one can open the hand then the hands are discarded and the dealer deals again but this time a pair of Queens or better will be required to open the betting. If once again no one is able to open the hand, for which they will need a pair of kings or better. This will continue to Aces or better and then back to Jacks until one of the players can open.

Winning video poker

You foresight in choosing which cards to discard to make way for replacement cards will influence your game as your final hand will determine whether or not you win the game and how much. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the value of your hand for which you need to know the ranking of poker.

Video Poker Ranking

 Single card rank from highest to lowest

  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • Ten
  • Eight
  • Seven
  • Six
  • Five
  • Four
  • Three
  • Two

Video Poker explained

Royal Flush (800:1)

A straight flush, with the Ace high.
ex: 10 of hearts, jack of hearts, queen of hearts, king of hearts, ace of hearts.

Straight Flush (50:1)
A straight flush, with all 5 cards that are consecutive and are in the same suit
ex: 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts.

4 of a kind (40:1)
4 cards of the same value
ex: 9 of spades, 9 of hearts, 9 of clubs, 9 of diamonds

Full House (10:1)
A 3 of a kind and a pair in the same hand
ex: 6 of hearts, 6 of diamonds, 6 of clubs, 3 of hearts, 3 of clubs

Flush (7:1)
All 5 cards in your hand are the same suit.
ex: 3 of spades, 5 of spades, 9 of spades, king of spades, 10 of spades

Straight (5:1)
All 5 cards are consecutive. This suit does not matter.
ex: 6 of spades, 7 of hearts, 8 of diamonds, 9 of clubs, 10 spades

Three of a Kind (3:1)
3 cards of the same value.
ex: 5 of clubs, 5 of hearts, 5 of diamonds

Two Pair (2:1)
2 pairs of cards of the same value.
ex: 3 of hearts, 3 of clubs, 10 of diamonds, 10 of spades

One Pair of Jacks or Better (2:1)
1 pairs of cards of with a ranking of Jack, Queen, King or Ace the same value.
ex: Jack of hearts, Jack of clubs

Ready to Play video poker online ?

Now you’re ready to give Jacks or Better a go and then another and then another until you feel you’re ready to take out the big guns and play with real money. Until then, enjoy your game time here on

By Aminah Khan

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