Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Busted

17 Sep 2013 | 03:05 Author: Seth Shafer

Crime definitely hasn't played for a serial poker cheater who is now in custody after using invisible ink to mark cards.

59 year-old Bruce Koloshi was recently arrested for cheating at the Mohegan Sun casino after he was discovered allegedly using invisible ink to mark cards in a Stud game. Koloshi was wearing special contact lenses that would let only him see the marked cards.

Koloshi has been arrested in Louisiana, Iowa, New Jersey, and Nevada on similar charges and he's blaming his latest arrest at the Mohegan Sun on the fact that he needed to quickly raise bond money so he could turn himself into Louisiana authorities on a nearly identical charge.

He was sought by Louisiana state police for allegedly using the same cheating method at the L'Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge on August 26. When arrested by police at the Mohegan Sun, security footage showed him marking cards the special ink was found on his fingers as well as on a piece of fabric in his pocket. 

Card cheats have used similar methods for decades in an effort to cheat casinos and other players, typically wearing glasses that reveal the cards that have been marked; cheaters typically only mark certain cards that when tracked give them an edge.

Koloshi gave a fake name when he was arrested in Connecticut so he's not just facing cheating charges but also conspiracy and criminal impersonation charges; the warrant for him related to the Louisiana case charges him with cheating, swindling, and criminal damage.

He's cuirrently being held with bond set at $510,000. 

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