Introducing: The Plazableau

Introducing: The Plazableau

07 Oct 2010 | 15:27 Author: Casinotop10

I've always had a healthy amount of respect for organ donors. 

I mean, I certainly wouldn't do it.  In my opinion, a predatory-profit medical system like we have in the USA should never get anything for free.  This is the same reason that I don't donate blood.  I'm acutely aware that, were I to have an accident, I would be charged $10,000 per unit to get my own plasma back, and if I didn't pay up ... they would send a collections agency after me.

Still, the fiscal unfairness aside, there does seem to be something remotely beautiful about giving of yourself to enrich the lives of others.

I'm sure we've all heard the numerous stories of families who have kept in touch after a recipient has received the donated heart, liver, or cornea of a passed on loved one.  In a way, the donor family feels as if their own relative is living on through the donated organ, and a good tear-jerking cry is had by all when the recipient finishes a marathon and says "I could feel your uncle Marvin running with me ... it's as if he won the marathon too!".

Sure, uncle Marvin was a fatass who could barely walk to the fridge, let alone propel himself 26 miles, but it's the delusion that counts.

In this same spirit, I am happy to report that the recently deceased FountainBlown has, indeed, found a way to live on and spread joy to the countless throngs of Vegas visitors who wanted to call it home, if only for a weekend.

The Plaza in downtown Las Vegas, an icon known for vintage lounge acts and bit parts in movies such as “Casino” and “The Mexican,” will get a 21st-century makeover aided by the Fontainebleau, the unfinished Strip resort.

That’s because the Plaza, which begins a yearlong renovation Nov. 1, recently acquired high-end furniture intended for, yet never used by, the Fontainebleau.

It’s a recessionary twist on the usual hand-me-downs sold at auction by Las Vegas casinos that have been imploded or remodeled. Dated or worn furniture and fixtures have ended up in older properties or Third World hotels, where a well-used sink or chair from a Las Vegas resort is considered a step up.

When the Plaza’s 1,037 hotel rooms reopen in September 2011, they will feature top-flight wallpaper, carpet, tile, sofas, chairs, desks, dressers, side tables and bed frames courtesy of the Fontainebleau, the stalled luxury property with an estimated $3.5 billion price tag that was designed to compete against Las Vegas’ swankiest resorts.

The Plaza had already planned to remodel the rooms when its contractor heard the décor was for sale.

What does all of this mean?

It means that fatass uncle Marvin is still with us, at least in spirit.

It means that when the Plaza re-opens next year, in a way, the FountainBlown will open as well.  Remember, beauty is on the inside.  The heart and soul of any given property is not on its shallow exterior, rather, it is contained in its interior.  The rooms, the service, the furnishings ... this is where the true character of a property lies.

With this wholesale purchase of interior furnishings, the Plaza will finally give us some insight into what it would have been like to stay at the FountainBlown.  It will be a small glimpse into what might have been.  For those of you who, like me, were eagerly anticipating staying and playing in the new north strip property, it looks like ... in some small way ... we will get our chance.  We will finally get to stay in the Fontainebleau, and the property will live on, not just in our hearts and minds, but also on the western edge of the Fremont Street Experience.

Yes, I know I'm reaching a bit, but in 2010, this is about as close to Vegas optimism as one can get.

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