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Group Therapy

31 Aug 2010 | 12:30 Author: Rex, Vegas

You suck. Your blog sucks. You're ugly. You're stupid. You have a small dick. I hope a porcupine pierces your scrotum with a poison quill after you accidentally happen upon a nest of young porcupine babies in the woods as you are hiking around looking for firewood because it's supposed to be cold that weekend and your space heater is out of kerosone and there are holes in your socks which means the only way you can keep warm is to use your fireplace and ha-ha you forgot to get wood ahead of time because you are stupid and ugly and have a small dick.


Now that you no longer live in Las Vegas, aren't you one of those remote Vegas bloggers that you always criticized?


I've already said this numerous times but I suppose it bears repeating once more:

I was never a Las Vegas blogger  

I was a blogger who happened to live in Las Vegas.  I chose the name "VegasRex" because all of the "Rex" domains were taken, and it was kind of a tribute to a town I liked at the time.  Las Vegas featured prominently in my blog posts because I blog about my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences, and I lived near the Vegas Strip for 6 years.  I liked getting off of my ass and doing things in Las Vegas, and when I did, I blogged about it.  It was never a "Vegas Blog" ... it was a "Rex Blog" and my blogs will continue to be Rex Blogs.  Had I more time at a younger age, I'm sure I would have had extensive blogs based in DC and NYC.

Now that I am in the Pacific Northwest, this area will be the dominant backdrop for my articles and photographs.  I'm already changing my personal blog theme and title to reflect this fact, and I will add a more "geographically neutral" domain at some point.  I am not going to pretend to be a go-to resource for all things Vegas.  I'm not going to claim to be a Las Vegas blogger.  I never really did in the first place.

I've always been critical of the "All Things Las Vegas" blogs set-up by people who do not live in Las Vegas, and I will continue to be.  I maintain the position that it is impossible to author a Las Vegas blog without living in Las Vegas.  It just makes no sense to do so.  Not living in Las Vegas while trying to be a Vegas blogger is no more authentic than a Brooklyn blogger living in Anchorage, Alaska.  Especially if that person has never even lived in Brooklyn.

I didn't get it then and I don't get it now.

If you don't live in Vegas any more, how can you speak about it?

I began visiting Las Vegas monthly in the late 90's, moved there in the mid-2000's, lived there for over half a decade and just left weeks ago.  I lived in the West Side suburbs for a year, then promptly moved adjacent to The Strip.  I still have a home there, and will until the end of November.  I will be there for the Cosmo opening.  I will be back every month for the next half-decade.

I've stayed in every hotel, played in every casino, and spent more personal (non-work) time on The Strip than 99.9% of the rest of the world.  I've done most of it as a "regular person".

Some people claim to be Vegas experts, but honestly, how many other people do you know who put their money where their mouth is, pack up, move mere blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard and actually get out there every day?  I didn't just move there and hole up or commute like many.  I was out there ON the Boulevard, pounding the pavement 5, 6, 7 days per week.

I completely immersed myself in the Las Vegas experience.  I never understood the majority of Las Vegans who "avoid The Strip".  I mean, what's the point?  I spent "only" 6 years living in Vegas, yet in that span, I spent more personal time on the Boulevard and in Vegas casinos than every single one of my neighbors, many of whom have lived there since the 1960's.

Las Vegas was a big part of my life, and you can bet your sweet ass I will talk about it until the day I die.  At times, I feel like an Iraqi War Veteran who has just gotten home from battle and has started penning his journals.

It's going to be a long, long, long time before self-professed "Vegas Experts" even make a scratch in my experience with the place.  It's going to be an even longer time before someone tries to repeat my 2,000 day "Vegas Vacation" without sounding like a PR mouthpiece.  Like it or not, when it comes to completely honest experiences with Vegas from a non-special-person's perspective (media, socialites, etc), I'm probably still the best you've got.

I will always have an opinion about Las Vegas, and if you don't like it, then my balls are yours for the licking.

Is this going to become an online gambling blog?  Is your blog going to be some kind of gigantic advertisement for online gaming sites?  Are you being pressured to gamble online?

Consider this, I've been writing for online gaming sites for 2 years ... and I've never once gambled online.  Instead, online gambling sites have sponsored reports from bikini parades, poker tournaments at the Excalibur, the opening of the Encore, the opening of City Center, and a myriad of other things that are, for the most part, competing ventures to online gaming.  That's hardly pressure.

Instead of promoting online gambling sites, I've been promoting Las Vegas, and Las Vegas has always fought me tooth-and-nail every step of the way.  Frankly, I finally got sick of getting yelled at by casino security when I pulled out a camera to promote their casinos.  I got sick of them raising the betting limits when 20 people from my site tried to give a new gaming pit some action.  I got sick of sucking the Monorail's pecker and having them crap in my face day after day.  I'm not going to help a town that refuses to help itself.

It was I who, a few months ago said "Why in the hell am I trying so hard for this goddamn town?  They don't deserve this effort."

Like my music and television consumption, it was I who decided to take my gambling online.  Online gaming is the future of gaming, and as a pretty technically-oriented person, it fits what I do.  It was I who decided that I wanted to move my brick-and-mortar gaming to the casinos of the Northwest (who BTW still deal $5 3:2 all day long).

I intended to have already gotten some experience under my belt this month but I've been whacked in the balls by the UIGEA and Washington State Law (which I think will be changed in the not-too-distant future), but it's something that I am working on with a lawyer and I should have a decent setup within a couple of weeks.

Therefore, I will be trying new forms of gambling consumption, not by force, but because I want to.  When I do, I will be honest.  I doubt it will be an advertisement, but will it give some of the places more exposure?  Sure.

That doesn't mean that I'm not going to do it.

In order not to promote something, I would have to sit in the house all day and do nothing.  Anyplace I go is going to get some kind of publicity in my blog, be it positive or negative.  That being said, I'm not getting paid by anyone to say good things.  I'll write things normally from my own perspective as always.

By the way, if you got anything out of the "Vegas" stuff I have posted over the last couple of years, you should kiss the ass of these gaming companies for helping to bring it to you.  They didn't ask me to cram anything down your throat or alter my content in any way.  If you want to see "pressure", look at the terms and conditions of the MGM and Harrah's affiliate programs.  No profanity, no offensiveness, no honesty (to some extent) ... these online folks are the only ones who said "say whatever the hell you want".  For that, I'll always have a lot of respect for them.  You can't get that kind of sponsorship in Vegas.

So, yes, I will be writing about online gambling quite a bit, and I'm not going to apologize to anyone for it.

But what if  I don't want to read about online gambling?

Then don't.

As of right now, in a weird twist that actually makes my Internet connection less expensive, I have cable TV again.  It's a somewhat basic package, yet it still includes about 200 channels.  Of those 200 channels, I watch one: Northwest Cable News.

While other people in the household may pull up other channels, I have no interest in them.

Now, if you thought cable TV had tons of channels, it's nothing compared to the 10 million+ channels on the Internet.

If you visit any of my blogs, you do so completely voluntarily.  It's completely up to you.

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