Don't Take Google Glass to Caesars Palace

13 May 2013 | 02:57 Author: Seth Shafer

Plenty of people are excited about the new Google Glass devices but you'd better leave them at home for your next trip to Vegas.

Google Glass is a wearable device similar to glasses that lets users interact with information and data shown on a display in front of their eye. Google Glass prototypes were just released to developers but applications have already been designed to let users easily take photos, record video, and calling up data and info with simple voice commands.

While geeks around the world are rejoicing at the possibilites casinos are taking an entirely different stance, with Caesars Palace the first casino to make it clear that guests wouldn't be allowed to wear Google Glass while gambling.

"Nevada gaming regulations (and those in other states, as well) prohibit the use of computers or recording devices when gambling. As a result, we cannot allow guests who are gambling to wear Google Glass," was the official response of the casino to the website The Verge for a recent article.

The move isn't exactly a surprise as most casinos ban any form of cameras or recording devices to be used on the gaming floor, with other casinos in Vegas and around the U.S. likely to issue similar stances.

Casino cheats have used cameras, miniature computers, and other similar technology to try to get an edge over the house for decades, with some of the very first blackjack cheats using computers strapped to themselves with toggle switches hidden in their shoes.

In recent years several roulette cheating rings have been busted for secretly recording and relaying video of a roulette wheel and ball as it rotates, with that data enough for remote co-conspirators with a computer to analyze the path and speed of the ball and relay back the general group of numbers which are likely to hit.

These cheating methods aren't a guarantee of any individual win but the successful ones are able to give the cheaters an edge of up to 5% over the house, which is sufficient to pay off to the tune of millions for some successful cheating rings.

It's still early days with Google Glass but it could pose interesting privacy concerns, with some bars and clubs also likely to ban the devices due to concerns over whether their patrons would appreciate potentially being filmed and recorded while cutting loose and enjoying themselves.

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