Gambling on Smartphones Booms

05 Jul 2011 | 23:39 Author: Seth Shafer

Online gambling sites are finally cashing in on the promise of mobile gambling, with revenues booming at many sites as far as wagering on smartphones and mobile devices.

Many online casinos and sportsbetting sites have built up high hopes about the promise of mobile gambling, and for some that promise is finally being realized with very strong growth and increased revenues from their mobile gaming operations.

Both Betfair and Paddy Power have recently released very strong earnings for their mobile divisions, fueled in part by the release of apps for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Paddy Power's mobile revenues have increased four-fold since 2010 and about one-third of its active customers place bets using their mobile phones. In April alone over 120,000 players accessed online slots, poker games, and sportsbetting options on the Paddy Power website.

Betfair has announced similar stellar numbers as well for its mobile operations, taking in more than £1 billion in mobile wagers over the last fiscal year and growing its revenues from mobile apps by nearly 90% over the last year.

Many companies are investing heavily in expanding their mobile offerings, from making some of their most popular progressive jackpots available to mobile users as well as developing brand new games and content just for mobile customers.

One of the stumbling blocks to the growth of mobile phone gambling has been the past reluctance of Apple to approve gambling-related apps in the App Store, but the last six months has seen that policy thaw with more and more gambling apps being approved.

Google has taken the opposite approach, with more restrictions being put into place at the Android Market that's made it more difficult than in the past for online operators to develop and release mobile gambling apps for Android devices.

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