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3D Roulette is’s free version of the casino game that has been drawing gamblers to casinos since the 17th century. It has also made its way to big screen in award winning flicks featuring casinos. What’s more important though in an age of mobile online gaming is that roulette has now made its way on to the small screen with the free mobile optimised Roulette 3D game available at Aside from their appearance on the sets of Hollywood and other cinema sets across the globe, it’s the simplicity of the game that has popularised this casino game. However, the easier the game, the greater the house edge. The same applies in Roulette 3D where you play online against a virtual house. The upside here for roulette neophytes is that you don’t stand to lose real money if luck is not on your side, and roulette is a game of luck. That said, serious gamblers consider it a game offering depth to those who are in it to win it.

Roulette 3D explained

Before you play Roulette 3D, even if it is a free casino game where you don’t stand to forfeit huge sums it’s important to understand the game.  This is a slow paced casino game of luck for gamblers who are looking for something that is easy to get your head around but where the house has the upper hand. If you are out playing for big wins and are a high risk taker this may not be the game for you but we have plenty more on that are, such as Jacks or Better and Blackjack.

Roulette 3D like any other roulette game is played with a wheel that is divided into 37 sections (or (or 38 in the case of American roulette tables). The wheel will have a number from 0-36 in each section; in the case of some American roulette tables there will be an additional ‘00’ numbered section which raises the house’s advantage. Bets are placed on the table with corresponding numbers, and can be placed on colours, specific numbers or a specific set or range of numbers (we will examine these different types of bets more closely in the next paragraph). An ivory ball is set a-spin by the house/dealer and where it lands determines who wins and who loses, and how much. Although the chips itself are non denominational, each stack of chips has a value, which is calculated by dividing the bet amount divided by the number of chips you receive. Each player will have a different colour set of chips with a token indicating the value of their stack.

Roulette 3D bets

In roulette there are two types of bets that you can place: Inside bets and outside bets

Inside Bets are placed on specific numbers and the stakes are higher than outside bets. This involves guessing which section the ball is going to land in. The different inside betting options available here are:

Betting option

Qty of numbers bet on

Pay back

Straight up betting


35 to 1

Split betting


17 to 1

Street* betting


11 to 1

Corner ** betting


8 to 1

Six line*** betting


5 to 1

*Three numbers can be bet with separate chips, or in the case of three numbers in the same row with a single chip by placing it at the end of the ‘street’ ie. The row of 3 numbers.

**Here the chip is placed on the intersection of four numbers

***In this case the chip is placed on the edge of two adjoining streets or rows of 3.

Outside bets do not involve specific numbers but sets of numbers. These sets are based on the colour of the numbers, their type ie. Odd or even or their placement on the table map. The different outside bets that can be placed are: 

Betting option


Pay back

Colour betting

Red or black

1 to 1

Odd or even betting

odd or even numbers

1 to 1

Column betting

12 numbers in the same column

2 to 1

Dozen betting

1 to 12

2 to 1

High or low bets

1 or 36

1 to 1

Playing the Roulette 3D game

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the equipment, inside bets, outside bets and the rules of the game you’re ready to roll. Despite the popularity of this game though, there is no proven strategy to win. Every number has an equal shot at being the landing spot for the ball so really it’s a game of luck, particularly in online roulette where there is no potential for a dealer’s habit to cause repeated wins on the same numbers as a result of the angle at which the ball is tossed. So, you know you’re going to win or lose fair and square (or round in this case).

Spin to try and win on your mobile

With Roulette 3D is now available on you can now play free roulette games on your mobile. With its 3D graphics and features  like Voisins zero, tier, orphelins, neighbor,final bets, Roulette 3D is an HTML5 replica of the real casino game, giving you the real experience in 3D. The only difference here is that you won’t be spinning to win real money and you won’t stand to forfeit any either. When we say play free we mean play free. At what you see is what you get. So get ready to spin to win at 

By Aminah Khan

Free Roulette

Free Roulette

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