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Six Fascinating Celebrity Haircuts of 2012

Those of you who are regular Popped readers will know that I have a special affinity for hair.

Whether it’s on heads, faces of legs, I like to keep abreast of celebrity follicular activity. And judge their choices accordingly.

2012 had some stellar hair moments, and some not-so-stellar ones. In film, television and real life, here are the haircuts that consumed our collective imaginations.

1. Nicki Minaj at the MTV Video Awards

Nicki MInaj has had a lot of hair styles in 2012 but this was the one to write home about.

She looks like a real-life Barbie! Not because she looks like a plastic toy, or a piece of nostalgia, but because her hair is the color of plastic straw!

Sure, blonde is a classic, but neon, macaw yellow? That’s some innovative business right there.

Very few people could pull off this look. Most wouldn’t even try.

Natural hair colors are so boring and uninspiring. If you’re going for style, then look to My Little Pony and imagine one of those sleek, silicone manes dangling from her head skin.

That’s how you stay ahead of the curve.

2. Miley Cyrus

Being a teen sensation can be difficult. Transitioning from a teen dream into a regular adult can be difficult too.

Looking like a bad ass can be really difficult, but Cyrus didn’t care about that.

She was like, hey everyone, forget about extensions, let’s bust out the bleach and buzzcuts!

Shorn, platinum locks took the place of Cyrus’ long, very natural-looking brown hair. And her whole persona changed.

She went from looking like every other cookie-cutter underaged pop star and pulled a Pink.

The best part was that people flipped their shit over it. It’s a good sign for anyone getting a dramatic haircut.

3. Paloma Faith

Like Minaj, Paloma Faith sported many intense hairstyles this past year.

Big, sleek, curly and straight, Paloma’s fire-engine-red lady lovely locks have been around the hairdresser’s block.

It’s not just the color, though, that's astounding and gorgeous. A ginger with a white skunk stripe along her forehead, Faith has great hair even before it’s done up and tricked out.

She’s like a pin-up infused with Bonnie Raitt and a dash of Derby Day.

The red, the white streak, the sculptural presentation... it’s the combination.

And then she’s not just content to have fine-looking hair. She adds in an outrageous hairpiece. Because sometimes a regular hat just doesn’t cut it.

This isn’t her only fascinator. She’s comfortable in feathers, felt, bows, mesh -- any fabric adorning her crowning glory. She understands the beauty of adding beauty atop beauty.

It’s obvious that Paloma Faith is a lady.

4. Javier Bardem in Skyfall

Javier is no stranger to character work through terrifying hair.

His performance in No Country for Old Men was 70% quality acting and 30% psychotic page boy.

In Skyfall he plays another bad guy, this time with blonde hair instead of the traditional bad-guy brunette.

The look is sleek, but also dangerous.

There’s something very creepy-Ken-doll about his appearance.

I can imagine the filmmakers pulling Bardem out of his cardboard box every morning for shooting and then dusting him off, changing him into a new doll outfit and putting him away at night.

5. Sean Penn in This Must Be the Place

Apparently men weren’t into dramatic hair in real life in 2012 but they surely were all over the big screen.

In This Must Be the Place Sean Penn plays a retired rock star, but really he’s just playing a mannequin to a beautful mess of retired hair.

I can only assume that Robert Smith of The Cure donated some of his own hair from 1987 to the movie.

It seems like an honor to be wearing the legendary hair of a legend on one’s own head.

I don’t know if anyone saw this movie, but I can only assume that if they did they have no idea what the plot was.

The focal point was clearly this mass of wires and string permeating the screen with brilliance.

6. Donald Trump

It’s important to acknowledge this delusional man and his delusional “hair” every year.

It’s always at the top of the bad-hair charts.

Being an idiot seems simple, but being a cultivated idiot, with a cultivated wig and a cultivated lie about that wig is always impressive.

He will never not look ridiculous.

And that’s a comfort in these ever-changing times.

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