Everett Casino Update: “Nothing Gets In Our Way” – Robert DeSalvio

Everett Casino Update: “Nothing Gets In Our Way” – Robert DeSalvio

08 Jan 2015 | 12:28 Author: King, George

Today, after finalizing their purchase of the land the Wynn Everett Casino will be built on – and after being confronted with possible setbacks in the form of a blizzard of lawsuits – Wynn Massachusetts was officially welcomed to the City of Everett by its mayor, Carlo DeMaria.

Yesterday, was the day that the City of Everett celebrated Wynn Resorts Limited becoming an official land owner in the city after its sister company, Wynn Massachusetts finalized the purchase of the old Monsanto chemical plant on the banks of the Mystic River which will be the site for Wynn’s newest $1.7 billion development.

During the press conference, Wynn officials and Everett city officials were doing everything they could to avoid having to answer questions regarding the latest legal challenge after Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh sued the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in an effort to prevent the casino from being built.

“With this land transaction and our arrival into the city of Everett, nothing, nothing gets in our way in terms of bringing this project to fruition,” said Wynn Massachusetts CEO Robert DeSalvio during a speech at the welcoming event held by Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

When he was pressured into commenting about the 3 court cases against the casino being built – one from Somerville, one from Revere and the latest one from the Mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh – DeSalvio replied with, “I’ll take a pass on that, thank you.”

A Blizzard Of Lawsuits

The latest lawsuit, where the City of Boston is suing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, is a 74-page document that seeks to have the license granted to Wynn Resorts invalidated. The claims include make reference to the commission overstepping its statutory powers and it has asked that the residents of Charlestown be allowed to vote on any casino located on the newly acquired Wynn site due to the fact that the only access to the casino would be via roads through Boston.

Mayor Walsh’s lawsuit brings the tally to three after 2 other adjacent cities, that of Somerville and Revere, also filed suits looking to prevent the casino being built. Somerville Mayor, Joseph Curtatone is a firm opponent to gambling and also fears the new casino would only exacerbate traffic conditions in East Somerville. Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo, on the other hand, was a firm supporter of the Mohegan Sun Casino, which was planned in Revere, next to the Suffolk Downs Racetrack, which was rejected by the gambling commission.

“Maybe it’s sour grapes from one of the mayors, or both of the mayors, I don’t know.” DeMaria said after being questioned about the lawsuits. “I’d like to sit down with them all, resolve their issues. They have the right to litigate it. I thought it was all done once. It was already done through the Gaming Commission.

After Wynn Resorts won the first Boston-area license in September, it has had to face many an attack as the battle between developers, lobbyists and critics and, as it stands, nobody can guarantee that the casino will ever be built if it continues to face opposition from all angles. 

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