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European Blackjack

Step up to the table like a true blackjack pro!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games which you can play in all the gambling establishments, be it offline or online. Blackjack is a card game which is played against the dealer or the casino house. Multiple players are allowed to play this game at once. The main aim of the players in this game is to reach a score which is 21 or closer to 21 but not beyond it.

There is always a minimum bet and a maximum bet for every table of blackjack. The minimum bet can begin from even $1 in the online casinos and the maximum bet could be anything. Every player has to decide their bet before the deal. There is an advantage for the dealer in blackjack as the first two cards which are dealt are faced up for all the players but for the dealer one card is faced up and the other is faced down. The best possible hand for any player is to get an ace card with any other ten point card. This specific hand is known as natural 21 or blackjack. This means that the player wins 1.5 times the bet he or she had placed.

The cards in blackjack are given specific points and if you are a beginner then you must learn these points. All the cards from 2 to 10 are given points according to their face values. The J, Q and K are given 10 points each and the aces can be given 1 or 11 points according to the players’ choice. There are many options which the players can explore during the game.

If the player gets two hole cards of the same face value then they can ‘Split’ the cards and can request two more cards and play with further two hands of cards. Another option is of ‘doubling down’ in which you can double your original bet. The players are also allowed to ‘surrender’ their hand completely if they have bad cards, in that the players can quit the hand and in return they get half the money that they have placed on bet. Another option is ‘insurance’ which the players can use when the faced up card of the dealer is an ace. In such a situation, the other players can bet on the fact if the dealer has a black jack or not.  If you wish to play blackjack in the online casinos, you really need to brace yourself up for the competition.

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