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Double Exposure Blackjack


So, what’s this then? Basically it’s just what it sounds like. In Double exposure both dealer cards are dealt face up and therefore players get a lot more information to base their decisions on than in regular blackjack.

Sounds like a great advantage, right? Well, compared to other blackjack rules it is, but unfortunately other modifications have also been made to adjust for the huge edge the players get by seeing both dealer cards.

Double Exposure Rules

Here is a quick run through of the changes made to the regular blackjack rules when you play Double Exposure:

  •  Both dealers' cards are dealt face up.
  •  Dealer wins all ties except for Blackjacks.
  •  A players' Natural Blackjack only pay 1:1
  •  You only receive one card after splitting Aces.
  •  A split Ace+10 counts as 21, not a Natural
  •  Players may split only once*
  •  Dealer must hit on soft 17. *
  •  Aces can be re-split*

*This rule may vary

The main rule change that evens out the odds is off course that the dealer wins all tie hands (except for blackjack). If it wasn't for this rule the player would have a huge advantage over the house.

However, the chances of winning are still better than in regular blackjack - how much depends on the local rules applied.

Double Exposure Strategy Chart

Our Chart is based on the rule that the dealer must hit on soft 17.

Notable for first-time Double Exposure players is that as long as your cards' value is lower or tied with hands the dealer must stand on, in this case all hand ranging from 17 to 20), it is strategically correct to draw another card.

Even in situations where you are holding 10, 10 vs. a dealers 10, 10 you should take another card.

Click to enlarge Double Exposure Blackjack Chart

Even though your chances of hitting an Ace are very slim, if you opt to stand you automatically give up the hand since the dealer wins all ties. Same thing if you decide to stand with a hand value lower than dealers 17 through 20 hands.

If you don't take another card in these situations you are giving away the hand without a fight. Basically, you have nothing to lose in these situations.

The Double Exposure version of blackjack is sometimes also referred to as "Dealer Disclosure", "face Up 21" or "Zweikartenspiel".

Play Double Exposure Blackjack at any of these Microgaming Casios.

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