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Never Tear Us Apart: 5 Adorable Celebrity Couples to Root For


Sadly, the focus on celebrity romance is usually about the break ups.

Awful celebrity mismatches and celebrity couples gone wrong.

But why not accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative for once?

What's wrong with a bit of feel food every now and then?

The recent break ups of some seemingly perfect, admirable, long-term couples -- Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Rhea Pearlman and Danny DeVito -- got me thinking about other twosomes that are so delightful together it would hurt to see them apart.

Here’s a list of couples whose demise would result in fan heartbreak - couples who make you believe in the power of a crazy little thing called love.

1. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

These two kids are just adorable. Look at them.

Both talented and charming, it’s hard not to imagine they live in a house made of gumdrops and rainbows.

Krasinski’s stint as loveable Everyman, Jim Halpert, on The Office made it seem strange when he paired up with the glamorous and poised Emily Blunt.

The fierce supporting role she had in The Devil Wears Prada had me believing she was an upper crust lady who would eat a man like him for breakfast.

But lo and behold, after her break-up with the cheating crooner, Michael Buble, she found herself looking for love. And found it in the arms of Krasinski.

Like Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft these two seem like an opposites-attract match made in adorable heaven.

And check them out, appearance-wise!

Blunt usually has a darker hue, but the sandy gold is almost a perfect match for his. So even their hair colour is starting to mesh.


2. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen and Portia, how did we ever get along without you?

Your magical, outdoor wedding? The cute photos of you walking dogs on the beach? Your charity work and animal rights advocacy?

It’s better that they’re together. Ellen’s daytime TV’s sweetheart and Portia is her edgier sitcom wife. Two styles of humor under one romantic roof.

Not one but two funny ladies together. It’s almost too good to be true. Too perfect.

They’re the golden couple. They glow and they shine when they’re together.

Bright and bubbly, warm and affable.

To not see their collective sparkle would be a real shame.

3. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

One of their greatest attributes is their elusive nature.

Sure, they appear out in public, but rarely are they photographed together. But when they are it’s luminous.

They're mysterious and elusive, like stunning wildlife.

And of cours, they are both extraordinarily beautiful. These are two ideal human specimens.

Javier is rugged, handsome and lovely to behold. Penelope is gorgeous, sexy and interesting.

Apart they make the flowers of the world wilt with shame. Together on film too often they would likely cause the mass suicide of flora across the globe.

It’s best they aren’t viewed in tandem too often. Our eyes would burn from being spoiled by their unbridled charm and beauty.

But that doesn’t mean they should split. No it certainly does not.

4. Beyonce & Jay Z

The King and Queen of modern music, Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the most exciting musical couples ever.

They’re remarkably good-looking and talented to boot.

Together for almost 10 years these two are at the top of their game professionally and rule red carpets wherever they go.

Bey’s smile could light up the entire solar system and the look on her husband’s face when she’s near him is enough to stop traffic.

It’s hard to imagine a man more giddy to have a woman on his arm. She’s magnificent. Both are business geniuses.

Fist-bumping at basketball games, toting around their sweet baby Blue Ivy and smiling and sharing secrets on the red carpet or on strolls these two big-time stars are too lost in each other to focus on the media circus around them.

They’re not affected by photographers or bloggers or journalists. They don’t let those things control them.

They control it. And that’s admirable.

5. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

The greatest actress of her generation (or maybe any generation, only time can tell) and her sculptor husband.

Meryl and Don’s long-term love is as close to fairy tale love as we get in the modern age.

A modern fairy tale. With philanthropy and awards ceremonies and black tie events.

Both creative types, in the art world he rules but on the big screen she’s the draw.

No competition, just mutual appreciation. So sweet.

Together for over 30 years, they’ve birthed four talented children and have both sustained incredible careers in their fields.

What more could we ask for? Just for them to not break up.

Any couple that can endure that many years of paparazzi snaps and art-world snark is an inspiration to the rest of us.


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