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Clueless Undead: What Girl Dreams Are Made Of


I know I go on and on about vampires.

I like them. I hate them. They’re stupid, they’re amazing.

They’re gross, they’re hot. And they seem to be everywhere.

Yet despite my love-hate relationship, my inkling that this trend has to end sooner than later and my desire for that to happen just so I can stop caring or even having an opinion on this trend, something is finally happening that I can’t ignore.


Not Afraid of a Crazy Premise and a Chance of Controversy

This is the new film from Amy Heckerling, a woman who should need no introduction, but then again, might just to be safe. Here goes.

From Fast Times At Ridgemont High to Look Who’s Talking to Clueless, Heckerling has proven she’s a woman who isn’t afraid of a crazy premise and an outside chance of controversy. Also a lot of costuming.

Heckerling has been making campy, fun and culturally relevant movies since the 80s.

Her masterpieces in pop culture have given us some hilarious and poignant film romps, numerous quotable lines and a lot of iconic moments.

The quotable lines in Clueless alone are worth their weight in a lifetime supply of gift certificates from every outdoor mall in America.

In both Fast Times and Clueless Heckerling gets women and their ways, and their troubles too.

They want to project an image they want to identify with and yet, even a cool character like Clueless’ Cher Horowitz comes off as awkward and weird, despite her popular status.

Be Still My Heart

Vamps is another take on what it feels like to be a girl.

Two female vampires in modern day New York City struggle with life and love and also having fangs for teeth. Also, they are being pursued by vampire hunters.

Be still my heart! Horror-romance!

Vamps screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and in New York festivals and couldn’t get distribution.

Whether it’s the quality of the film, critics’ reviews were not great, or the fear that it’s the tail end of the vampire trend, is a good question.

It’s likely a mix of the two, and probably some other weird movie producer nonsense that I don’t know about.

The good news is that the film is finally set to be released on DVD and BluRay in November.

The bad news is that this little camp champ is straight to DVD and isn’t playing in theatres.

Good news: I will finally get to watch this crazy little movie.

What Girl Dreams Are Made Of

Heckerling has reunited with her Clueless star, Alicia Silverstone, and the trailer makes it look like a match made in heaven.

Again! Yes, you can go back to heaven. And the poster looks like it was created at the exact same time as the poster for Clueless.

Whether it’s merely poor design or a savvy marketing choice isn’t important. Make people remember the greatness of that movie and they’ll be sold.

A comedy about some lady-vampires with fancy hair trying to date in modern day NYC. This sounds like the kind of chick-flick, good-times comedy that girl dreams are made of.

The trailer is also filled with trademark Heckerling elements. Physical comedy, riffs on beauty, Clueless-like outfits and drama.

Side-by-Side Coffins!

Silverstone plays a Victorian vampire just trying to live her life in the big city. Her roommate is played by former Breaking Bad and current Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 star, Krysten Ritter.

The women sleep in side-by-side coffins, but they also go on dates, wield cell-phones like any other singleton and gloss their lips.

Better to show off their fangs. Oh yeah, and they run and hide from vampire hunters.

The cast is a delightful round up of fantastic actors (some would be called character actors, but it’s no fun to pinhole people this great) including Wallace Shawn as the father of Ritter’s boyfriend who is none too pleased his son is dating a Vamp.

His character's last name: Van Helsing. Get out!

Dan Stevens, a.k.a. Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey, stars as Ritter’s boyfriend.

Malcolm McDowell, Justin Kirk, Sigourney Weaver and Richard Lewis also appear.

Vamps is going to be a ridiculous and fun addition to what can be a dreary or overly dramatic (not in the campy Vamps way!) season of awards bait.

All the Signs of a Cult Classic

If this is how vampires are going to play out in pop culture, I like it.

This is just the kind of cheese that will stop all those other vampire movies from acting all serious and scary and unintentionally cheesy.

Vamps has all the mixed reviews, poor distribution and kooky vibe to make it a cult classic.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this little treasure and start getting into quote battles with my friends.

Danger and bubblegum together. Why, this is like a Halloween miracle!


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