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Central Coin - A trusted online Casino Payment Processor ! Specializing in secure and very fast transactions between individuals and online merchants. 486

Central Coin

As of 20th March 2007, Central Coin ceased operation and their website, is now closed, therefore we do not recommend this as a payment option. If you’re looking for a new payment option, you can have a look at the ones found in our Payments Guide.

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Central Coin is a web wallet company and member of the Gateway Financial Services Ltd (GFSL). Of the many financial intermediaries operating in the US, few of them can offer the simplicity of Central Coin. It is, by far, one of the most convenient ways to conduct any online banking between yourself and an online casino and, like other web wallet companies such as PayPal and Neteller, they handle all the transactions between yourself and the online casino. Central Coin is only available to US players and in US dollars. Nobody outside the US can make use of their services.


Central coin is as safe an online payments company as you’re likely to find and all transactions are protected by the industry standard and highly sophisticated 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption algorithm. The same one used by many of the world’s biggest banks, web wallet companies and online casinos. Because Central Coin will act as the intermediary between you and the casino, you will not have to hand any banking details over to your casino. You merely need to open a Central Coin account, entrust them with your details and, when the time comes, use their services to deposit playing money or withdraw any winnings. You can also link your Central Coin account with your Checking Account making it even easier to transfer funds to and from any online casino.

Using Central Coin

Web WalletYou can use Central Coin to deposit funds at any online casino that accepts them. However, you will need to make sure that the online casino also accepts Central Coin as a means to withdrawal, as some of them might not. You will need to register with Central Coin first, before you can use it to fund your gaming. You can do so by visiting the company’s website, filling in the relevant forms with the required details – including all the necessary banking details which can be used to link your Central Coin account to your checking account – before verifying the account. Once all the necessary information and verification processes have been completed, you will be able to deposit at will and you’ll even be able to withdraw funds from a Central Coin account into a cash card that can be used at most ATM’s worldwide.

Quick, Safe And Reliable

If you’re looking for a quick, safe and extremely convenient way to transfer money to and from your casino account, you’d be hard pressed to find a method as good as Central Coin. It has been tailor made to suit players from the US and there are few companies that can match when it comes to online casino banking.

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