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Italian Casinos: Casino de la Vallée, Saint Vincent


Saint Vincent is a relatively small town (of aprox. 5,000 inhabitants) located in the semi-autonomous Valle d’Aosta region in Northern Italy.

The hot springs in the area had already made this a popular spa resort by the late 1700s, when Jean-Baptiste Perret discovered the therapeutic workings of these waters.

In the 19th century, Queen Maria Therese of Spain frequently visited these spas and stayed at the nearby castle of Challant Châtillon.

History of the Casino

During the Second World War, the acting Mayor at the time, Elijah Page, argued that during such hard times a casino would be the perfect thing to lighten up the spirits of Saint Vincent's citizens. With permission from the church, a couple of roulette tables were set up during summertime and the success was unprecedented.

In 1945, Page requested an official gambling permit from the Italian state, who by that time didn't allow any form of gambling. The mayor received no answer to his request from the fascistic Mussolini government, but being a Mayor of a semi-autonomous region had its privileges. With a lot of interests in the region, French officials heard the Mayors call to action, and maybe as a statement to the Italians, a French permission for gambling was granted to Casino de la Vallée in 1946.

The Casino

In a mix of tradition and modernity, Casino de la Vallée today offers a large variety of casino games: Black Jack, Chemin de fer (a variation of Baccarat), Craps, Poker, Fairoulette Saint-Vincent (a variation of Roulette), Telesina Poker, American and French Roulette, Punto Banco (Baccarat) and Trente et Quarante (Red and Black).

On the ground floor you will find the gambling rooms, whilst the bars are located one floor up. The bars offers table service, but if you want something a bit fancier, the elegant Restaurant Brasserie du Casino is highly recommended. If you're having a late dinner you might even catch some live musical entertainment in the brasserie.

Fidelity Card

Just as in Vegas, casino customers are offered Comps to encourage gambling. Just ask for the fidelity card upon arrival. This free card entitles you to various discounts, such as shopping discounts and catering.

How to get there

If you get here by car there are about 500 spaces in the large parking lot that can be used by fidelity card-holders. You don't have to dress to kill at Casino de la Vallée, take note however that casual clothing is only allowed in the Circus Hall.

Casino de la Vallée
Italo Mus 1
11027 Saint-Vincent (Aosta)
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