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All On Red

All on Red

Welcome to All On Red, our new blog and home to the latest news, articles and features on CasinoTop10.

Star attraction is the one and only Rex, perhaps the most famous Las Vegas blogger ever. Check back daily for Rex's unique and honest take on the gambling lifestyle plus his iconic "Top 10" lists.

1K Challenge: Setup

2010-09-27 20:42:00 By: Rex

I have to be the only person on the planet who drives to a Portland, Oregon grocery store in order to gamble online. I do, though.  I drive over the Columbia River, into the northeast quadrant of the city, and I take a seat in the back of the store with my trusty laptop and 4G modem just to get my ... Read Full Post

One G or Bust

2010-09-26 13:32:00 By: Rex

  For the last few days, I have been bedridden. On Thursday, I injured my back, and since then I have been in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life.  Everytime I move, it feels as if someone is sticking a shiv into my lower spine, and even after consuming lethal levels of morphine... Read Full Post

Defending the Dirt

2010-09-25 20:20:00 By: Rex

First of all, Greenberg states that the NBA All-Star game makes Las Vegas dangerous, but honestly ... how many times does the NBA have an All-Star game in Las Vegas?  The last time it happened was in 2007, and that was the only time it occurred to my knowledge.  Yes, that was a crime-riddled weeke... Read Full Post

The Big O

2010-09-25 20:15:00 By: Rex

When I want change, I don't approach the situation in a half-assed manner. For instance, when I finally got tired of the sun, the heat, and the people of Las Vegas ... I didn't just move to a slightly different place (like say, Los Angeles) ... I moved to a town that is the complete opposite ... nam... Read Full Post

Hardly Rocking

2010-09-24 12:27:00 By: Rex

I have always had a very schizophrenic relationship with the Hard Rock Casino.  A love/hate relationship if you will. On one hand, I have very much enjoyed walking around and viewing all of the rock memorabilia over the years.  My favorite display is this guitar autographed by Coldplay ... the gre... Read Full Post


2010-09-23 08:04:00 By: Rex

"Hey Rex, how was your day yesterday?"Well, thanks for asking.I spent most of my day yelling at a computer monitor. Starting at 10am yesterday morning, I watched the coroner's inquest into the Erik Scott shooting, and at times, I couldn't believe my own ears.For instance, the medical examiner who co... Read Full Post

Perverted Injustice

2010-09-21 13:00:00 By: Rex

I spoke to a female friend about this the next day, and she commiserated with boob woman.  "I hate it when I go to a topless pool and men stare at my boobs!", she told me.  "I should be able to walk around wearing whatever I want without being ogled at by pervs", she said. Of course, I tried to... Read Full Post

Mammary Mayhem

2010-09-21 12:59:00 By: Rex

Last week's trip to Vegas was enjoyable, possibly the most enjoyable time I have had in the city in awhile, but it was not completely without issue.For some reason, people at the poker tables seemed a little more surly than usual.  Maybe it's the economy, maybe it's the weather (100 degrees for the... Read Full Post

Top 10 Vegas Highlights Part 2

2010-09-19 13:56:00 By: Rex

6) Pearl Jam at the MGM GrandI remembered this as I walked past the Grand Garden Arena on my way to the Monofail.Due to health issues, Vedder said it was his worst show of the Avocado tour.  I disagree.  I heard every bootleg of the 2006 run, and if it was not the best show, it was close.  This p... Read Full Post

Top 10 Vegas Highlights Part 1

2010-09-19 13:55:00 By: Rex

1) Karen This memory was sparked as I walked through the Mandalay Bay and passed by the Foundation Room elevators. Sometime in 2007, the Las Vegas Advisor kicked a group of people off of their message boards for saying "fuck" (or something, I really don't know the reason), and the offensive assholes... Read Full Post

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