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All On Red

All on Red

Welcome to All On Red, our new blog and home to the latest news, articles and features on CasinoTop10.

Star attraction is the one and only Rex, perhaps the most famous Las Vegas blogger ever. Check back daily for Rex's unique and honest take on the gambling lifestyle plus his iconic "Top 10" lists.

Infographic: Biggest Losers in Gambling

2012-01-31 04:00:00

When you put down a wager on the blackjack table or insert a coin in a slot machine you’re always up against the house advantage. Whatever game you play, the casino is expected to win a percentage of your bet. But where is the casino the biggest favorite? Let’s compare the most popular games. (C... Read Full Post

Vegas Goes to the Dogs

2010-10-30 15:50:00 By: Rex

Four months ago, I would not have given a damn about this story.Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino now allow guests to bring along their canine companions for a nightly fee of $20 to $25, depending on the hotel.The fees cover in-room amenities such as food and water... Read Full Post

10 Reasons I Want Online Gambling Legalized

2010-10-30 15:04:00 By: Rex

My experience in Indian local casinos over the past couple of weeks have left me pining for the day when online gambling is legalized not only in Washington State, but in the entire United States.  I'm not talking about the psuedo-legalization we have today where you can play as long as it's not fu... Read Full Post

Indians-2 : Rex-0 Part 2

2010-10-29 09:12:00 By: Rex

I was fed up.  I feel like everytime I go to a casino here there is always SOME problem and it's always completely stupid and petty.  I'm so over it and so sick of it.The security guard seemed very surprised by my reaction, and he seemed a little hesitant and nervous when he replied "Is that water... Read Full Post

Indians-2 : Rex-0 Part 1

2010-10-29 09:10:00 By: Rex

Sometimes things just weren't meant to be.Like pow-wows, for instance.After deciding to opt-out of the ID-scan at Hawk's Prairie Casino last week, I decided to give my "other" local casino a try.Little Creek is a large-ish casino on Route 101 in Mason County, Washington.  This is the same Route 101... Read Full Post

Vindication is Mine 2

2010-10-26 20:47:00 By: Rex

Education and intelligence are not one and the same. I've been to college.  I know thousands upon thousands of college graduates.  Many (most?) of them are not what I would consider smart. As a matter of fact, what do you call an upper-middle-class person with an IQ of 60? A Liberal Arts Major. I ... Read Full Post

Vindication is Mine 1

2010-10-26 20:46:00 By: Rex

I've been known to be sarcastic every now and then.  Sometimes, this leads to people not being 100% sure when I am serious.  A good example of this would be my verbal attacks against Canada.  I don't really hate Canada, to the contrary, I think it's possibly the best nation on the planet.  My ri... Read Full Post

A Geography Lesson

2010-10-25 19:12:00 By: Rex

I've taken a lot of flak over the years, but trust me, there will come a time when everyone, even my detractors, will come to realize that everything I have said about Las Vegas is completely true.  Look, since you are already here reading this post ... indulge me for a moment if you will ... I wou... Read Full Post

A Rude Awakening

2010-10-25 19:10:00 By: Rex

Recently, I was abruptly awakened in the middle of a cold and rainy night.I don't remember what it was exactly that woke me up, but I've narrowed it down to two things:1) A car alarm;2) A poke in the back from yet another one of Steve Wynn's nocturnal erections;It could have been either, and like I ... Read Full Post

Anti-Social Media

2010-10-25 10:06:00 By: Rex

After a marathon session of Angry Birds last week, I decided to fire up the Android Marketplace to see if there were any other new mobile apps that might be worth trying.The first thing to catch my eye was an app called 'Foursquare' and it had 4 stars which indicates an application of decent quality... Read Full Post

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