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You only have to play Blackjack for a few minutes to realize why it is one of the most loved casino games the world over, and why it has enjoyed that status since its inception in the 1700s - yes, yes, we know you heard that your neighbor’s cat’s brother’s great great great uncle’s ancestor invented it before he emigrated, but the truth is nobody really knows where it originated from, just that it has been around for centuries. Like everything else that enjoys the limelight through the ages, the Blackjack game has been adapted over and over again to move with the times, and in times like these, HTML5 is the way to go, and lo and behold, the HTML5 version of Blackjack is here. 

Why HTML5?

Why not? In an age where everything is done online, and where everybody is super mobile, such that you may carry your work everywhere you go, why not carry your play too? Who says you have to be in a casino, or at a desktop to play blackjack? With the HTML5 version, you can play on your mobile devices whether they’re android, apple, windows or blackberry, and on whichever browser tickles your fancy from a choice of Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

OK, I know the basics, but how do you really play Blackjack like a pro?

As most know, Blackjack is a game between the player/s and a dealer, who is as involved in the game as they are, all trying to achieve 21 or near to that number without exceeding it, using the value of the cards in their hands. If both the dealer and a player/s have 21, then that’s a push and the player takes their bet back. 

You play with 1 deck, without jokers, and therefore, with 52 cards, although some casinos have been known to mix several decks together, called a ‘shoe’ to make card counting nigh on impossible. In order to start playing, you need to stake your bet by clicking on the respective chips. Every table has a minimum and maximum bet, and in this HTML5 version they are 0.1 and 300 respectively.

You are dealt 2 cards at first, and you are required to decide whether they are enough for you to stand, or whether you want to be hit by another card. There are other options - called side rules - and we’ll discuss them shortly. The dealer must draw cards for himself until he’s on 16 and he must stand on a count of 17. The cards numbered 2-10 are worth their face value, whereas J, Q and K are worth 10 and an A is worth 1 or 11, at the player’s discretion.

Winning results in a 2 to 1, meaning you win back your bet and the same amount from the dealer.

And these side rules you speak of?

Before we go on, it’s important to establish that side rules can only be applied after the first deal. You cannot take a 3rd card and then opt for a side rule. The first side rule of note is the Split. If you have two cards of the same face value, you can split them into two hands, bet the same amount on each, and play with two hands. Your hands play separately in that round. If you split Aces, you will get your per-functionary second card but not a third. You must stay on the second card.

Another side rule is Insurance. When the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you are given the chance to bet on whether he will have a blackjack. The amount is equal to your original bet and it is designed to allow you to win your money back if the banker does indeed hit a black jack and you would have otherwise lost the round.

A third side rule is the double. If you’re absolutely sure that your hand is better than the dealer’s, you can choose to double your bet, and you get one more card from the dealer.

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