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If you need help finding a new online banking method, have a look at our bank wire review. Visit to see the benefits of banking this way 813
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Bank Wire

Bank Wire Review

A wire transfer is a method of transferring money from one person to the casino or vice versa. A bank transfer can be made at your bank or at a cash office.

If you’re looking at the various different ways to transfer playing money into your casino account and withdraw winnings when they’ve piled up, you may want to consider a bank wire transfer. Even though web wallets, to a certain extent, are often the more popular choice, when it comes to safety, there are few better ways to conduct your banking. If you are new to the online casino scene or if you’re looking for alternative methods to transfer money to and from your casino account, we can help you get familiarized with transferring money via a bank wire transfer.


Using a bank wire to transfer money is easily one of the safest ways to conduct any online banking between you and the casino. Other methods of banking allow for a certain amount of anonymity, either on the side of the transferor or the receiver, which makes it a little easier for scammers to relieve you of your hard earned money. Using a wire transfer is a lot safer as both parties will need to be identified and verified by the bank in question before any funds are sent through. Because it is so hard to send or receive money anonymously with a wire transfer, many online gamblers do prefer it, especially if you’re a regular player.


Unfortunately, when using the bank wire transfer system, you will have to sacrifice a little when it comes to speed. Unlike the various web wallets, credit cards and other such methods, a wire transfer could take anywhere from a few hours up to three working days, depending on the bank, to show. This is why many an online gambler use other ways of depositing such as credit cards and web wallets but if you are interested in using the safest method to transfer money, the bank wire transfer is the only way to go. The reason for the slower than usual pace of the transfer, is of course, the verification process used by the bank. Before they allow any money to be transferred, they will make sure that they know where the money is coming from and where the money is going to, making sure that you don’t get caught out by an nefarious characters. If you’re looking for a new online casino to play at, below you will find a list of the best ones to play at. Fast Money

How To Make A Bank Wire Transfer

For some, other means of transferring money seem to be easier than a wire transfer but if you know how, it is easily one of the more convenient ways to do things. If you need a little help figuring the whole system out, we have created this quick guide to help you along the way.

  1. You will need to visit the casino accounts page (cashier) section and select the bank wire transfer option. You will need to make sure that your casino offers the wire transfer as a banking option before you transfer any money. If you need any help finding an online casino that does offer this payment option, we have a list of the appropriate casinos below.
  2.  Once you’re on the page, you will need to carefully take note of the banking information provided by the casino. This will include the likes of: IBAN, BIC or SWIFT transfer code, the address of the casinos bank and the company address of the casino.
  3. With the information you have, you will be able to make a transfer to your casino account by paying a visit to your local bank and handing over the money in cash. You will also need to pay a bank transfer fee and, depending on the size of the deposit, could be as little as 10 or as much as 50 dollars. You will need to ask your bank to make sure as different banks charge different fees.
  4. Traditionally, a wire transfer takes 3 working days at the maximum, but depending on the bank could be available in a few hours, not including weekends, and it will automatically appear in your casino account once the transfer is completed.

Assurance Guaranteed 

While making a wire transfer into your casino account might not be the most popular choice, there are those that do prefer the peace of mind it gives them. However, if there is one thing that you have to remember when making a bank wire transfer, is that you have to be extremely careful to complete all the forms correctly and that you have the correct information, both from the casino and yourself. If the necessary information you give does not match up to the information the bank has, the transfer will not go through, so please, do be careful. 

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