Bank Wire Online Casinos Review - The Review For You!

Bank Wire Online Casinos Review - The Review For You!

A bank wire transfer (sometimes referred to as a credit transfer) is a way by which to transfer funds from one entity to another – or from a player to a casino and vice versa. Wire transfers may be executed through your local bank or a specialized cash office and offer online casino users one of the simplest methods by which to bank, which is what makes them so popular and appealing to players everywhere. It is important for users to note that while wire transfers may be among the safest and easiest option in terms of transferring funds, these come with bank charges and/or fees attached (albeit relatively reasonable ones). These fees vary according to your chosen bank or cash office and it is very important that you always go through the relevant terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb - our Bank Wire Online Casinos Review will help guide you.

How Bank Wire Works

Executing a wire transfer would require the player/user to follow directions specific to the bank or cash office of his/her choice. Banks normally have differing protocols to follow for them to process such transactions. Note however, that these processes tend to be very simple and you can see this clearly in our Bank Wire Online Casinos Review. Normally, players would be required to do no more than supply their bank (or chosen cash office) with the banking information relating to the casino they wish to bank with in order to make a deposit into an online casino account. The player’s bank may ask for a special code for it to process the transaction but this is an exception rather than a rule. Needless to say, players will be asked to provide their bank details to a casino should they choose to follow what is illustrated in the Bank Wire Online Casinos Review. The best way forward here is for players to ask their bank of choice to send their money along with details such as the player’s account name and number, the bank address, the routing number, the swift code and IBAN code.

Transfer Times

When comparing Bank Wire Online Casinos Review to other banking methods popular with online casinos, transfer time may be a bit of an issue for both logistical as well as practical reasons. Transactions by wire transfer may take a little longer to process but just how long does ultimately lie in the hands of the intermediary bank itself and the chosen casino. The reality is that however reliable and top notch your bank is, players should allow for a transfer time of anything between three and seven working days. Having said this, it is worth noting that wire transferring is almost always quicker than traditional bank-to-bank fund transferring; this is due to the way in which banks communicate with one another when processing Bank Wire transactions and for want of a better word, good, old fashioned bureaucracy tends to act as a bit of a stumbling block to getting things done faster.


Gaining customer assistance is certainly no problem when it comes to wire transfers. Ultimately, because this is a method of payment which is conducted through your local bank, any assistance which you may or may not require is attained by contacting a representative at your local bank. The same may be said of Bank Wire transactions conducted through a cash office; if you need any help, all you have to do is physically ask! Don't forget to read our Bank Wire Online Casinos Review before you get started though!

Advantages of Using Bank Wire

There are three primary benefits of using Bank Wire as a payment method; these are security, accessibility and transfer volume. Bank Wire is extremely secure due to the fact that no third party is involved; transactions take place between the casino and your bank of choice. Besides, banks use top notch security and encryption technologies. Due to its popularity, accessibility is a non-issue as all major casinos tend to find that they have to accommodate this method. Bank Wire is also used in the vast majority of countries in the world. Lastly, Bank Wire is a method which particularly suits high-rollers as players who deposit large sums of money may typically avoid high transfer fees by using this payment method. Theunderlying beauty of Bank Wire Online Casinos is ultimately the fact that the transfer of funds remains exclusively between two bank accounts meaning that the vitally important privacy of the senders and receivers remains protected. Due to the fact that SWIFT number codes are provided in order for each party to receive payments, more privacy and security are added to this form of money transfer than almost any other out there.

Disadvantages of Using Bank Wire

There are two main disadvantages of sending money through Bank Wire. Firstly, Bank Wires are quite expensive in comparison with bank drafts and direct transfers between debit cards, and secondly, Bank Wires are performed in real time and cannot be processed in batch, so it can be inconvenient for businesses which support recurring payments. Moreover, there can be occasional cases of technical difficulties (but the latter is true of any online banking service). Something else which people do tend to complain about but to a much lesser extent is the physical waiting time needed to effect a payment via Bank Wire. Apart from the fact that one must most definitely leave the house in order to be able to make a transfer meaning that one may spend an inordinate amount of travel time to get to their chosen provider, one must also make allowances for queues once he or she arrive at their destination as due to the nature of Bank Wire, it is quite normal to wait for more than half an hour to submit your own payment.

The Best Online Casinos that accept Bank Wire

Bank Wire Online Casinos ReviewUnlike various other payment methods, Bank Wire is accepted by a the vast majority of online casinos meaning that the discerning, Bank Wire loving player will find a plethora of Bank Wire Online Casinos at his or her disposal when it comes to choosing his iGambling home. Moreover, in our ongoing quest to make sure that our players get the best and nothing but the best, our dedicated team of CasinoTop10 experienced players-turned-casino experts have done all the dirty work so you don’t have to and put only the best casinos on our site for you to peruse and choose once you've gone through our Bank Wire Online Casinos Review. So why not take a gander at all the sites in our ‘Supported Bank Wire Online Casinos’ list below and get back to us with your choice! We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Bank Wire is Best!

Unless transfer times are a major issue for you, we do suggest that you give due consideration to Bank Wire Online Casinos as your foolproof payment method of choice. Apart from the fact that Bank Wire Online Casinos are as safe as they come, one cannot ignore the fact that there are a vast array of online casinos which offer the Bank Wire method as a banking option because of its global popularity and reach, meaning that players using this method have an endless range of online establishments to choose from. Furthermore (and maybe most importantly), high-rollers will find Bank Wire Online Casinos particularly suited to their needs because of the large sums of funds which they are able to transfer  through this method and the relatively low transfer fees involved when using Bank Wire Transfers for large transfers. So give Bank Wire Transfers a try; it’s a safe, highly accessible option which has remained as popular as any.

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