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And So It Begins

Hello, and welcome to my new home on the global network of TCP/IP interconnected computational devices, or as I like to call it, "The Internet".

For those who have never heard of me, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rex, a/k/a "VegasRex" and I am a blogger.

I live a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, and I have been authoring blogs for several years.  Before moving to the city, I visited Las Vegas frequently, and when I say "frequently", I mean roughly once a month.  I have stayed in nearly every Las Vegas hotel at least once, and have stayed in some places that no longer exist ... such as the Vagabond Inn and the Showboat.

In December of 2004, I moved to Las Vegas, and for a couple of years I actually enjoyed it.  As recently as five years ago, Las Vegas still had great service, great gambling odds, great house rules, and still catered to the common man arguably better than any other city.

Gradually, things changed, and not in a good way.

The mid-2000's boom period for Las Vegas led to unrestrained avarice where casino CEOs were frothing at the mouth, literally unable to contain their greed.  Before you knew it, cheap labor replaced skilled service industry workers, gaming odds deteriorated, the Stardust and New Frontier were imploded to make way for new casinos which never materialized, and the town began its descent into what it is now.

What it is now is a shell of its former self.

It's a consolidated town mostly controlled by two corporate entities.  A town which has put quality gambling on the back-burner as it desperately tries to re-invent itself as the nightclub capital of the world.

In 2008 I began referring to Las Vegas as "Detroit in the Desert", and I believe that the worst days for this city are still ahead of it.  In my firmly-held opinion, Las Vegas is waiting for a recovery which will never come.  Las Vegas has peaked.  Sure, it will have fits and bursts over the years as events and holidays come and go, but I think ground has been broken for the last new mega-resort.  When Steve Wynn starts hiring ringtone bands and charging resort fees, you know that the beginning of the end has begun.

It's not just the entertainment corridor that will continue to decline, however.

In my opinion, Las Vegas housing prices will never again increase at a rate which significantly outpaces inflation and interest, jobs will continue to decline, and existing population growth will be largely determined by how quickly our un/under-employed population can time intercourse with ovulation.

As you can see, I'm a ray of sunshine.

Over the last couple of years, it became increasingly clear that I was a man without a city.  Not only were the main attractions of the town I used to like slowly erode, but once the honeymoon period wore off, it started becoming more apparent to me that I was not cut out to be a Las Vegan.  For some reason, I thought this town would be a "cure" for a naturally depressive person such as myself, but I found the reverse to be true.

I hate the sun, I despise the heat, and am generally only productive when it is overcast or rainy.  Hell, I'm probably a vampire.  I would tap some Bella Swan ass in a heartbeat, although there is no way that I would put up with her bitchy nonsense.  I would hit that punani once, then feed her to the native-american werewolves.  Seriously, the "hot confused chick" routine got old after the sixth or seventh minute of the movie.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I frequently get sidetracked from the topic at hand.  My writing style is typically referred to as "stream of consciousness", but I in no way designed it to be that way.  I'm just constantly bombarded with thoughts about random things and before I know it, I've typed a 1,000 word missive about African Pygmy Monkeys when the topic at hand is the legal ramifications of online gaming.

Wait, is there such thing as an "African Pygmy Monkey"?

Hold on, Wikipedia time ...

No, my bad.  As it turns out, the species most closely related to that term is "Pygmy Marmoset", and they are not from Africa at all.  Instead they are indigenous to Western Brazil and Southeastern Columbia.  Apparently, they live 11-12 years in the wild, but can live to be 20+ years in captivity.  My guess is that zoo food is superior to wild Brazilian food, and the lack of natural predators in most zoological parks is probably responsible for the increased life expectancy of the captive Pygmy Marmoset.

I digress.

It's now 2010 and I learned the hard way that the glitter of Las Vegas is best enjoyed one week at a time.  After a couple of years, the turd begins to lose its shine, and once that happens ... well ... there's no turning back.  I'm stuck here for at least a couple more years due to my need to be in close proximity to Los Angeles, and moving to that city at this point would be kind of silly since LA is really just a larger (and more expensive) version of Las Vegas. 

Still, the fact cannot be glossed over that  I am more or less the antithesis of this city.  I'm not nearly as happy-go-lucky as the town pretends to be, and the city's phoniness that I once found vaguely charming now just seems ... phony.  My personality is far more "Leaving Las Vegas" than it is "The Hangover".  The former movie was interesting, whereas the latter was a 90 minute affront to human intellect.

Now that my overall dislike for the city of Las Vegas has been duly explained, it must be noted that I try ... I mean really, really try to make the best of a bad situation ... and let's face it, there are still things to like about Las Vegas.

First of all, gambling is still a hobby of mine, and this being the case ... I am in the best place in the world to indulge that hobby.  Las Vegas has more first-class poker rooms than any other city on Earth, and even though many of our casinos are being run into the ground, some of them are still playable, especially those Downtown.

Second, we still have great shows.  Be they Cirque productions, skin shows, touring bands, tribute bands, stand up comedy, impersonators, magic shows, or attraction shows like the Fremont Street Experience.  There's more or less always something going down here.  We are still the entertainment capital of the world.  For now.

Third, there is a wide variety of decent food.  Especially buffets.

Fourth.  Um, there really isn't a fourth.  The climate sucks and you can't do anything outdoors, there is sand/dust everywhere you look, and the only people who speak English in this town are ... well, there really aren't any people who speak English.

Suffice to say that gaming and entertainment are the things which keep me from going completely insane.  It is because of this that I avail myself of these things on a routine basis, lest I lock myself in a darkened closet and make stick figures on my forearms with a plastic spork.

Now, since it's probably fairly obvious that I will not live here forever, I will probably write about some other topics as well.  I would eventually like to become a frequent Vegas tourist again to re-capture the magic, but once I leave, I will need to at least consider how I will get my fix for certain activities ... such as gambling.  Since I have moved most of my other activities online, I may take a stab at the online gambling thing as well.  After all, I've been writing for online gaming sites for a couple of years without ever actually playing online.  I will probably give it a shot at some point in the future.

I'll also write about more or less whatever comes to mind.  Again, I'm not so much a Las Vegas blogger as I am a blogger who lives in Las Vegas.  The distinction may seem minor, but it's actually a very big one.

Now, if you have not yet decided whether or not this blog is for you, I think it is important that you consider the following:

A joint study commissioned by the Center for Disease Control and the National Association of Blogs and Sciences revealed that readers of my blog were almost impervious to venereal disease.  One might say that if you routinely have unprotected sex with prostitutes, you would be crazy not to read this blog.

In addition, the very same study found that everyone in the known universe reads my blog with the exception of the following groups:

  1. The physically unattractive
  2. Those with an IQ below 70
  3. Those with undersized genitalia
  4. Employees of Wynn Resorts

This should make your decision very easy.

If you do not fall into one of the above groups, well my friends, welcome to "All on Rex".

I am happy to be joining CasinoTop10, and I hope you check in often to read not only my own articles, but also those of the guest authors who will be making appearances as well.  I mean, unless the guest authors turn out to be assholes, in which case, I hope you not only stop reading them but also send them threatening emails and make them cry.

Anyway, welcome to my blog and I hope you become a regular reader.

There will be drama, there will be intrigue, there will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be photoshopped pictures of Steve Wynn having coitus with three-legged orangutans ... you know, the usual.

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