Most Amazing One-Off Gambling Wins

Most Amazing One-Off Gambling Wins

06 Oct 2013 | 11:58 Author: Seth Shafer

Most gamblers are happy to go on a hot streak and win a few hundred dollars.

But a handful of lucky gamblers have had million-dollar scores when Lady Luck smiled upon them.

The Biggest thrill of Gambling is hitting a Winning Streak

One of the biggest thrills of gambling is the idea that a huge winning streak may be right around the corner -- you can almosy visualize the mountain of chips growing in front of you as you win hand after hand of blackjack, spin after spin at roulette, or roll after roll at the craps tables.

Usually those dreams remain just that -- figments of your imagination -- but some lucky players have etched their names into gambling history by defying the odds and going on heaters that saw them pile up massive winnings.

Stanley Fujitake: Fujitake often gambled at the California Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas and it was just like any other day at the casino when he showed up on May 28th, 1989.

He was playing craps and having a run-of-the-mill day when the gambling gods decided to throw a curveball his way.

He started rolling and wouldn't stop for 3 hours and 6 minutes (a total of 118 rolls) before he finally crapped out and had to pass the dice to the next player.

He and several other players at the table cranked up their bets during the amazing run with the casino reportedly losing well over $1 million during the session.

Archie Karas: You don't get dubbed "the greatest gambler of all time" without having some amazing gambling stories to tell.

Karas claims to have gambled more money than anyone in history and it's hard to argue with his claims, as he borrowed $10,000 from a friend and ran it up into over $40 million in profits over a three-year span in the 1990s.

Karas started off playing poker and quickly cleaned out the likes of Chip Reese and Doyle Brunson, moving onto playing high stakes craps and baccarat and betting $100,000-$300,000 on a single roll or hand.

Like a lot of gamblers, Karas didn't know when it was time to fold 'em and walk away; he lost $30 million of his winnings in just two weeks in 1995 and would quickly squander the rest.

Shoeless Joe: There's some doubt as to the veracity of the "Shoeless Joe" blackjack tale ( calls it "undetermined").

But as the story goes, an old man walked barefoot into Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas in 1995 and cashed a $400 Social Security check and sat down at a blackjack table.

Despite ignoring basic strategy and always doubling on hard 12s and hard 13s, Shoeless Joe reportedly ran up his $400 into $1.5 million over the span of two weeks.

His lack of basic hygiene and abrasive demeanor won him no friends among dealers and casino staff -- especially since he was said to have not tipped a dime at any point despite his hot streak.

Like Karas, Shoeless Joe kept pressing his luck and eventually lost all his winnings back, shuffling out of the casino penniless.

Ashley Revell: Revell made headlines for selling everything he owned -- even the clothes off his back -- and travelling to Las Vegas to put the entire $135,300 he raised on one spin at the roulette table. 

Revell bet it all on red and was happy to see it come up red 7, doubling up his money with his entire net worth literally on the line.

Unlike other gamblers, he wasn't tempted to test fate and he tipped the croupier $600 and walked away with his winnings. 


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