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A Simple Girl Who Enjoyed Naps: Saying Goodbye to Kim's Mercy


This weekend a terrible tragedy befell a beautiful young celebrity in the prime of her youth.

Someone with all the potential, the allure and the bravery to have made a go of it in the business.

This weekend Kim Kardashian’s kitten, Mercy, passed away at the tender age of 4 months old.

So young she hadn’t even grown out of her cute stage and into a sassy, older cat full of attitude.

She likely never had the opportunity to scratch or maim any humans -- even those who continued to use and oppress her.

A Song Written By Society's Biggest Narcissist

Wildly popular on Instagram, Mercy had a loyal following. Even in the saturated world of cat photos on the popular retro-filter, photo-sharing site, Mercy was a star among other adorable creatures.

Kim, naturally, released a statement about her grief over this loss.

She claims her, “Heart is completely broken.” Hopefully, she can sell some more photos of adorable Mercy to help heal her cardiac wounds and begin to re-emerge in society.

Like many modern offspring, Mercy was named after something incredibly stupid and had to live with that name for her entire life. Since Kim began dating Kanye West, her life has been pretty Kanye-centric.

Mercy was a gift from Kanye to Kim. The kitten was of course named for one of Kanye’s songs. Because the best way to show a new family member love and admiration is to saddle it with the name of a song written by society’s biggest narcissist.

Allergic to Taking Care of Anything but Herself

According to reports Mercy succumbed to a “stomach infection,” which has been reported in other news sources as a rare stomach cancer.

On this sad subject we may never get the full truth and an accurate description of this diagnosis. What we do know is that Mercy is no longer with us.

At this time there are no reports of foul play, but neglect and a general lack of anything but self-interest can play into the death of a pet.

Mercy was not in Kim’s custody at the time of her passing. After receiving Mercy and having her around for several well-staged photo-ops, Kim Kardashian discovered she was allergic to cats.

Or perhaps she is allergic to taking care of anything aside from herself. And with that she has handlers and stylists and surely her childhood nanny still around to assist her with anything more difficult than walking with a distinct wiggle down incredibly popular streets full of waiting cameras.

It’s also possible that she was allergic to the kitten’s ever-growing, warm-blooded body -- that eventually Mercy would grow to the size of an adult cat and not remain pocket or purse worthy and difficult to take out on paparazzi strolls.

But I digress.

A Simple Girl Who Enjoyed Naps

After the discovery of these allergies, Mercy was given to Kim’s sister Khloe's assistant Sydney to care for.

Sydney’s own cat of 17 years had recently passed away and it was hoped that Mercy would give her hope and light. Sadly, that was not the case and after Mercy’s stomach infection/cancer was diagnosed she was immediately put down by a veterinarian.

Sydney has not released a statement at this time, but it can be assumed that she, a long-time cat lover who suffered a recent feline loss is indeed, genuinely broken up by the death of her new companion.

In her statement Kim also revealed that while she could have undergone injection treatments that would have allowed her to continue to live with Mercy she declined.

Apparently, the only injections important to her are for her own beauty regimen. Vanity injections in her lips and face are completely acceptable.

With her soulful eyes, gorgeous face and agile nature Mercy was destined to be a model, and potentially even an actress.

She exuded charm and emotional gravitas in every photograph and clearly would have risen to the top of the cute animal game if only her life hadn’t been tragically cut short.

Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Mercy was a simple girl who enjoyed naps, balls of yarn and stealing meat scraps from plates.

During her young life Mercy received more fame than many could ever hope to in their entire lives.

Mercy has been immortalized in this unfortunate YouTube video.

She suffered throughout her very short life, as a companion animal and prop to Ms. Kardashian, being passed off to another care-giver and through her apparent illness.

On to the Genetically Modified Unicorn

Rest in peace, Mercy. You were a gift, a treasure and a warm soul.

Sadly, your original owners will likely forget about your existence by the time her next pocket creature is purchased for an exorbitant amount of money.

That pocket pig, or miniature pony or genetically modified, microscopic unicorn won’t hold a candle to you.

Bless you, Mercy. You suffered more than any of us will ever know.


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