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Win a Jackpot, Get Deported

Author: Seth Shafer

A woman at an Arizona casino just found out that it doesn't always pay big to win a jackpot.

Mirna Valenzuela and her daughter recently tried their luck at the Casino del Sol Resort in Tuscon, Arizona where Valenzuela had the seemingly good fortune to hit a $1,200 jackpot win.

That good fortune would quickly sour as her win was exactly at the threshold of laws in the U.S. that require winners to show ID for tax-related paperwork on any wins of $1,200 or more.

Casino security suspected the ID Valenzuela provided was fake and turned the matter over to tribal Pascua Yaqui police that handle such matters due to the casino's location.

In the end the ID proved to be valid but Valenzuela and her daughter were undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

Both were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol and arrested. Valenzuela was deported to Mexico but her daughter was eventually released under the DREAM act.

Casino del Sol CEO Wendell Long released the following statement:

“We’re not here to deport people...We strongly embrace our Hispanic visitors as well as all of our visitors and want to make sure they feel safe and welcome in our property."

He went on to note that it was the first case of its kind the casino had ever encountered.

As far as the cash, the jackpot money is considered to belong to Valenzuela and will be held for her to pick up later... assuming she can legally make her way back to the U.S. and present valid ID and proof when claiming the money.

A win of $1,199 or less would have been paid out to her without an ID check, while a much larger jackpot would at least have somewhat made up for being deported.

Her $1,200 win that triggered the series of events is clearly one of the "worst" jackpots any gambler has every won.


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