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Top Ten Celebrity Gamblers


You can find plenty of celebrities at the poker tables, blackjack pits and sportsbook window at casinos in Vegas and around the world.

But it takes a special love for gambling to crack the top ten list for biggest celebrity gamblers.

Here's CasinoTop10's list of some of the world's most prominent casino lovers.

Michael Jordan: Basketball's greatest player has plenty of legendary stories about winning (and losing) millions on the golf course, poker tables, and in the craps pit, with persistent rumors still swirling that his hiatus from the NBA to play minor league baseball was in fact a secret ban of sorts imposed by the NBA for betting on a wide range of sports, including basketball.

Charles Barkley: The "Round Mound of Rebound" has proudly admitted to piling up huge casino losses at the blackjack tables and craps pit. Barkley estimates his gambling losses having exceeded $10 million.


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Tiger Woods: Tiger may be regaining his golf

form after a messy divorce but no word yet on how he's running at the blackjack tables. Tiger's rumored to bet as much as $25,000/hand when he takes to the casino for a night of gambling.

Gladys Knight: No word if the Pips are as similarly fond of gambling but Knight has admitted to losing as much as $40,000 in a night playing baccarat. She claims she's since kicked the habit and won't be found at the baccarat tables again.

John McCain: McCain tried to keep the stories quiet during his Presidential run but friends and gambling buddies ratted out McCain and his craps habit, with the Senator fond of going on 12-24 hour gambling binges when it was next to impossible to pry him away from the craps tables.

Jennifer Tilly: Tilly has spent more time at the poker tables in recent years with her boyfriend Phil Laak instead of on television or movie screens. The actress has taken down several big poker paydays as well as won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Allen Iverson: AI has been tight-lipped about the extent of his gambling debts but he's reportedly barred from many casinos in the Detroit area due to the enormous sums of money he owes them, said to be in the millions of dollars.

Phil Mickelson: Lefty also won't directly address issues about his gambling problem but his caddies and others have said that Mickelson's switch from Titleist to Callaway was in part prompted by Callaway's willingness to pay off some of his gambling debts.

Ben Affleck: Affleck got a lot of press for his success at the poker tables but he's had some noteworthy binges in the pits as well. One crazy Vegas weekend Affleck was seen betting $60,000 per hand at blackjack and walking away with $800,000 in winnings -- and that was after tipping dealers $150,000!

Phil Ivey: The poker superstar might clean up at the poker tables but he's also known to book million dollar losing sessions at the craps table. Ivey's found himself on the wrong side of some enormous sports bets as well, losing several million dollars on bets a few years back on the NBA finals.


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