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Strangest Gambling Superstitions

Author: Seth Shafer

Casino gambling attracts its share of superstitious souls but some take it far past picking their lucky number at the roulette table.

If you think little old ladies and their Troll dolls are nuts when playing bingo, then read on about some of the popular superstitions about casino games that have evolved over the years.

These all go past wearing your lucky pair of boxers to the casino, with some tracing their roots back for centuries.

Never Say "Seven": This one trips up a lot of craps newbies but it's considered to be terrible luck for the entire table if anyone playing craps says the word "seven" out loud. You can think and hope for it all you want -- especially on the cmoe out roll when 7 or 11 is an instant winner -- but just don't say it out loud.

Leave Fido at Home: Who knows where this one originated, but some people swear that it's bad luck for a dog to be anywhere nearby when you're gambling. We know a few poker-playing dogs that might disagree with this one, not to mention visually-impaired gamblers that might need their guide dog with them.

Get Your Mojo Working: Some people who put stock in hoodoo (traditiona African-American folk magic that has been around since the 1800s) will bring their mojo bag to the casino. Its a red flannel bag filled with various herbs, minerals, and other lucky objects; the right combination of items is said to bring gamblers good luck. Don't expect to see one, though, as they're supposed to be hidden on your person and never shown.

Color Me Red: Several different cultures consider the color red to be lucky, with some gamblers always being sure to wear red underwear before they head off to the casino. 

Hunchback, Bring Me Luck: Seeing a hunchback on the way to the casino or a card game is considered to be good luck.

Give Me Those Dice Back: If you're playing craps and one or both of the dice fly off the table, always get the same dice back to roll again and never select new dice from the stickman or else your luck will turn bad.

Virgins Can Be Good Luck or Bad Luck: Another craps superstition is that a "virgin" woman -- one who has never played craps before -- is good luck for the table, while a "virgin" man who rolls the dice for the first time will only bring bad luck.

Back Door Man: Some gamblers believe that entering a casino through the main entrance is bad luck and will go out of their way to slide in through a side or back door instead.

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