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Sex Scandals Abound

Author: Seth Shafer

If you're a fan of juicy sex scandals it's been a good week, with three different big stories breaking.

Our sex scandal threesome is headlined by the increasingly bizarre details emerging in former CIA director David Petraeus' fling with Paula Broadwell, a married biographer who worked with Petraeus on a book.

Their affair was rumored to have started a few months after Petraeus assumed the top job at the CIA in late 2011, with it continuing through June 2012. The affair was discovered due to threatening emails that Petraeus family friend Jill Kelley allegedly received from Broadwell.

Kelley asked an FBI friend to investigate, which eventually led to the affair being unearthed and Petraeus resigning from his position in November 2012. Kelley herself has also come under scrutiny for sending thousands of emails to Gen. John Allen -- the top US commander in Afghanistan -- and her ties to a cancer charity that appeared to be a front for tax write-offs for herself and her husband.

Siwtching gears completely, a sex scandal is also brewing at Waffle House, with Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers Jr. claiming that a former employee he had consensual sex with is now trying to blackmail him by claiming she was forced into having sex in exchange for keeping her job.

The unidentified woman who reportedly worked as Rogers' housekeeper claims that she was forced to have sex with him for eight years, beginning in 2003 and continuing through June 2012.

Rogers -- who was married during part of that time -- admits to the sex but claims it was consensual: ""I am a victim of my own stupidity, but I am not going to be a victim of a crime -- extortion," he said in a written statement.

Even Elmo wasn't immune from making the sex scandal headlines, with Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash accused by a 23 year-old man of having consensual sex with him when the man was only 16.

52 year-old Clash never denied that the two had sex but was adamant that his partner was over the age of 18 when it occurred. His accuser would recant his claims just days later, releasing a statement that said their relationship was in fact between two consenting adults.

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