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Popping Bottles with Dexter


Self-styled playboy Dexter Koh celebrated 12/12/2012 in a big way, splashing £121,000 in cash on champagne to celebrate a big poker win.

Koh didn't give any details about his big night at the tables but took to Twitter to let the world know he'd won a tidy six figure sum at the poker tables and was headed to the club to celebrate:

"12/12/12 wow just smashed it again on the tables. Six figures What a way to to end the year Let's get my drink on! O to aura."

He'd do just that, dropping a whopping £121,060.50 on champagne at Aura nightclub in the Mayfair casino. Koh would Tweet a series of photos from the evening that'd see him run up a bar tab that included the following:

£26,000 bottle of Cristal Methuselah

£28,000 bottle of Ace of Spades 

£5,000 bottle of Cristal Jeroboam

and over 20 other bottles of champagne to keep the party going.

Koh claims to run a PR company and styles himself as a "talent agent" and "media personality" on his Twitter account. A profile of him previously published on the Daily Mail delved into his free-spending playboy ways and his penchant for using sugar daddy websites to find young women to enter into "mutually beneficial relationships".

He's not the first gambler to splurge ridiculous sums on champagne and a night out on the town to celebrate a big win so we'll have to wait and see if he's a one-and-done or if he managed to make headlines for yet another big score and after-party in the future.

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