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Mayweather's Big Bet

Author: Seth Shafer

Floyd Mayweather may be money in the ring but that remains to be seen when it comes to sportsbetting.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather isn't shy about splashing money around and he's made headlines for a big football bet that didn't go his way.

The Michigan native bet a whopping $3 million on the Michigan Wolverines when they faced off against top-ranked Alabama in early September.

Mayweather even had to spread out his bet among nine different Vegas sportsbooks due to the size of the wager.

Michigan was a 14 point underdog but Alabama crushed them 44-14, leaving Mayweather's wallet about $3 million lighter.

It's the largest single bet Mayweather has been known to make as he previously plunked down $1.9 million on a Clippers game (which he won), offsetting the $1 million he lost on last year's Super Bowl.

Mayweather has cleared $30 million for a single fight numerous times in his career so his massive sports bets shouldn't come as a surprise -- especially considering the collection of fast cars and flashy homes that he owns.

Mayweather didn't seem too bothered by the loss, Tweeting a photo of him posing with his Lambo and Mercedes Gullwing with the following caption:

"I'm bored sitting at the top alone. Can some other bosses come and play?"

One sportsbetting boss that Mayweather can look up to is rapper and producer Birdman, who bet and lost $5 million on last year's Super Bowl when he backed the Patriots.

2011 wasn't a banner betting year for Birdman as he also lost $2 million on the NBA Finals.

Before you feel too sorry for him, Birdman's estimated net worth of about $125 million means he won't be checking the couch cushions for change anytime soon.

He's also promised to bet $10 million on Mayweather if the Mayweather-Pacquiao superfight ever occurs.

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