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Lunch Ladies Go on Gambling Spree

Author: Seth Shafer

Two former lunch ladies in Pennsylvania have been accused in gambling away $93,000 in stolen lunch funds collected from kids.

Stacy Lee Shipley, 50, and Sheila Ann Cook, 49, of Charleroi, Pennsylvania are accused of stealing about $93,000 from lunch money. Their heist wasn't exactly "Oceans 11" worthy; Shipley was responsible for collecting money and making deposits but she simply pocketed it instead.

She shared the ill-gotten gains with Cook and the duo would gamble it away at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania. School officials first noticed there was a problem at a board meeting when about $30,000 in funds were discovered missing, with a subsequent audit turning up the true extent of the missing funds. 

The school superintendent said that a new system was in place to collect and deposit lunch money and that: :If you steal from the Charleroi Area School District, we are going to pursue, pursue until we get to the bottom because we owe it to our community and our taxpayers."

Shipley has been charged with theft, dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activities, criminal conspiracy, and forgery, which Cookgot off a bit lighter with charges of receiving stolen property and dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activities.

Shipley and Cook had eached worked for the school for more than eight years and apparently stole money over a two year period before they were finally caught; no details were given on what their games of choice were when it came to hitting the casino.

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