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Love is in the Tweet

Author: Seth Shafer

Love is in the air for Kat Von D and Deadmau5...or in the Tweet...or something like that.

The couple just agreed to tie the knot in their own unique fashion, using Twitter to pledge their undying love for one another.

The 31 year-old Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) Tweeted the following on Saturday night, along with a photo of an engagement ring he promised would be finished soon:

"I can't wait for Christmas so.... Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me"

Kat Von D replied with a quick yes before taking her own turn to Tweet a more lengthy response -- although still under 140 characters:

"Mi corazon!!! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiancé!"

It'd be the first marriage for Deadmau5 although Kat Von D has been around the block, previously married to fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck before they called it quits in 2007.

She also came pretty close to getting hitched a second time, getting engaged to Jesse James before they finally parted ways for good after a tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship.

Deadmau5 and Kat started dating in mid-September and have already had their own share of ups and downs. They announced in November -- via Twitter of course -- that they were no longer together, but they seem to have patched things up rather quickly.

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