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Joey Porter Craps Out

Author: Seth Shafer

Former NFL star Joey Porter spent a few nights in jail before making good on a $70,000 debt to the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Porter was pulled over by cops in California for a routine traffic stop which turned up warrants related to a bad debt to the Hard Rock Casino resulting from bad checks Porter wrote back in June and July.

Porter was arrested in Bakersfield, California over the weekend after a complaint was filed in Las Vegas charging the former Pittsburgh Steeler with passing bad checks and theft at the casino.

Porter allegedly got $70,000 in total in markers from writing checks for amounts from $5,000 to $20,000, which he later called his bank to stop payment on -- the primary reason that charges were brought against him.

No details were available as to exactly what games Porter was gambling at but in the past he's been spotted playing high stakes craps in Vegas, so the odds are good his recent gambling binge that landed him in jail was likely at the craps tables as well.

Porter was released from jail on Monday after making good on the $70K debt, with prosecutor Sam Bateman saying that Porter had paid his restitution and the law enforcement hold was canceled.

Porter played most of career in the NFL with the Steelers before playing briefly with the Miami Dolphins and finally with the Arizona Cardinals, the team he was last with before officially retiring in July 2012.

Porter's last announced contract was for $24.5 million in 2010, so hopefully this latest incident was just an oversight and not an indication of yet another professional athlete blowing through millions and ending up broke.

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