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Go Away Randy Quaid, Eh?

Author: Seth Shafer

Canada has said "No thank you" to Randy Quaid and his request that he and his wife be granted permanent residency.

Quaid and his wife Evi have been fugitives of sorts over the last few years, choosing to skip out on a 2010 court hearing they were required to attend concerning vandalism and illegally living on a former property of theirs in Santa Barbara, California.

They were arrested for felony residential burglary after they were discovered illegally living in a guest house of the home they'd sold years before.

They claimed they still owned the guest house but that proved to be false. Other information pointed to very shaky finances as the likely reason they were squatting in the home.

Instead of appearing in court they skipped town, which wasn't the first time they'd ducked court appearances. In 2009 they were involved in a similar case when they refused to pay a hotel bill of about $10,000.

Shortly after they skeedaddled from California in 2010 they were arrested once again, this time in Vancouver.

They applied for refugee status to avoid extradition and claimed that they were the target of "Hollywood star whackers" that were trying to kill them -- just like these same "whackers" had killed Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

At the time they were detained briefly and finally released pending hearings on their status. Several attempts by the U.S. to extradite them failed when the U.S. Department of Justice overrode attempts by California authorities to bring them back. 

Canadian officials have finally ruled on the Quaids' requests for permanent residency. The answer is no, so the saga seems destined to take a few more twists and turns.

Evi Quaid can remain in Canada as her father was born there but Randy is going to have to find another country to hang his hat in.

California officials claim to still be seeking their arrest if they return to U.S. soil.


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