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Gamble As You Fly?

Author: Seth Shafer

Gambling on airlines might be coming to a plane near you if a French design company has its way.

AirJet Designs and Frédérique Houssard (the founder of Designescence) have unveiled designs for their new Casino Jet Lounge, a luxury bar/casino concept they envision being included on long-haul commercial flights.

The Casino Jet Lounge would include a blackjack table, relaxed seating and a bar to serve up a variety of cocktails and drinks. "We're trying to bring back the glamor of the '50s and '60s a little bit; the kind you see in the James Bond movies," says Houssard.

Talks are still ongoing with airlines to possibly roll out the idea but it could be a hard pitch, as several past attempts to incorporate gambling into flights haven't been huge hits.

Singapore Airlines very briefly offered slot machines on some flights from Singapore to San Francisco in the 1980s but the idea proved too unwieldy to ever take off as the slots were installed in the aisles.

Swissair offered poker, keno, blackjack and other games via its in-flight entertainment system on some of its flights in the 1990s but abandoned the efforts after a plane crashed and the in-flight entertainment system was potentially linked to the crash.

Both Virgin Atlantic Airways and Ryanair claim to have considered offering gambling games and in-flight casinos on flights but the idea has yet to get off the ground. Ryanair is reportedly still considering the possibility and waiting for the cost of offering WiFi to passengers to drop.

With more flights offering WiFi there could be little profit or reason for airlines to roll out their own gambling games as passengers inclined to kill the time playing casino or poker games could simply do so at their preferred online casino.

Anti-gambling laws in certain countries (and their air space) could also potentially be an issue for airlines.

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