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Don't Tap Out...It's Just a Broken Penis

Author: Seth Shafer

MMA fighter Ray "Magical" Elbe has been sidelined with an unusual injury that he suffered outside the octagon.

Elbe was enjoying a romp with his girlfriend in Malaysia when things took a dramatic turn for the worse, with Elbe suffering a broken penis and ending up in the hospital for five days.

He claims he accidentally launched his girlfriend into the air while they were doing the deed, with her hard landing causing a fracture and tear in his urinary tube. Compounding his plight, the sight of the copious bleeding and large amount of pain caused him to pass out, hitting his mouth and chipping some teeth in the process.

Doctors managed to patch him up and claim he'll be as good as new after surgery and nearly a week in the hospital. Elbe chronicled his misadventures via blog posts and videos, writing about the added humiliation of a steady stream of visitors dropping by his hospital room to see the dude who broke his penis.

He finally posted a video on YouTube explaining just what happened and detailed on his blog why he was openly discussing the matter:

"I was having intercourse with my girlfriend... and ended up breaking - fracturing - my penis bone. It's actually possible guys. The biggest problem people suffering from this medical emergency encounter is not immediately seeking medical attention, usually due to the same emotions I initially felt about the accident."

Elbe was on UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show but lost in the prelim rounds. He's yet to appear in a UFC fight but has made the rounds on other smaller circuits, posting a 23-11 record fighting mostly as a welterweight -- although he had won his last six fights before the unfortunate broken penis incident.

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