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Demi Making Ashton Pay

Author: Seth Shafer

Demi Moore is is reportedly dragging out divorce proceedings with Ashton Kutcher just to prolong his agony.

The couple is still technically married six months after their high profile split, reportedly because Moore has instructed her attorneys to delay things as much as possible at every step of the way.

Moore's motivation doesn't seem to be hope at patching things up as much as pure spite and evil joy at the knowledge that she could be interfering with the blossoming romance between Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Kutcher is rumored to have completely caved to all of Moore's monetary demands -- simply wanting to be divorced and done -- but Moore keeps coming up with last minute objections and new demands to drag out the divorce process.

An unnamed source that spoke to RadarOnline confirmed that Moore was intentionally dragging her feet and added the following:

"It's driving Ashton nuts as he just wants to close that chapter of his life and move on, he and Mila are very serious about each other and although another marriage isn't going to happen immediately it is definitely something both Ashton and Mila have discussed and believe is in their future."

Before you feel too sorry for Kutcher, it was his fault for getting caught cheating -- some say multiple times -- that led to the divorce. Plus he's currently been on a whirlwind tour of the world with Kunis (regularly listed as one of the most beautiful women in world on various lists) so it's hard to feel too sorry for poor Ashton.

He also topped Forbes' list for the highest paid actors of 2012, raking in an estimated $700,000 per episode for his role on Two and a Half Men.

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