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Blackjack Brouhaha at the Bellagio

Author: Seth Shafer

Two blackjack dealers at the Bellagio saw a disagreement turn into a stabbing, with one in jail and the other in the hospital.

Details are scarce as to the exact cause but what is clear is that a blackjack dealer at the Bellagio in Las Vegas was hospitalized with deep facial cuts after another dealer attacked her.

Brenda Stokes, age 50, was arrested in connection with the stabbing and charged with a wide range of charges including burglary, battery with a deadly weapon, battery with use of a deadly weapon, and mayhem.

Witnesses said the fight began around 10 P.M. on Friday night in the blackjack pit at the Bellagio close to The Baccarat Bar. The Bellagio is more known for its conservatory displays and a higher-end clientele -- not exactly the Strip casino one might guess a stabbing would occur at.

The game must go on, though, with the blackjack pit back up and running and open for business less than an hour after the stabbing took place.

The victim's name wasn't released and she was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to be treated for her injuries, which included deep facial lacerations. Police wouldn't say what weapon was used, only that they had confiscated an "edged blade" from Stokes when she was arrested.

The incident was the second violent crime to crop up in Vegas casinos within the last week, following a fatal murder-suicide shooting at the Excalibur earlier in the week. Edward Brandt of Lake Forest, Illinois fatally shot Jessica Kenny (also from Illinois) in the Excalibur lobby where she worked as a concierge, with Brandt then turning the gun on himself before security or police could arrive.

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